Due dal Vento (Pinot Grigio)
Due dal Vento (Pinot Grigio)

Due dal Vento (Pinot Grigio)

$10 Glass / $21.95 Bottle / $399 Batch

Wine Characteristics:
  • Dry White
Wine That Pairs Well With:
  • Fish
  • Pasta
  • Cheese

Embark on summer evenings armed with the tantalizing Due dal Vento. This light, crisp Pinot Grigio hails from the northeast regions of Veneto and Friuli. The texture is worth noting, as it has very smooth, almost silk-like overtones that leave an impression on the palate, while impressive hints of mineral add dimension to the refreshing long finish. Due dal Vento is best consumed early and pairs nicely with seafood, light pastas and cheese cracker combinations.

Since this wine is fairly acidic itself, avoid pairing with foods that have high acid contents, like citrus fruits or tomato-based recipes.


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