Fun Seekers and Porch Pounder Sweet Wine Features

Fun Seekers and Porch Pounder Sweet Wine Features

Do you hear that? It’s summer calling!

Do you hear that? It’s summer calling! 

For us, that means warm afternoons spent outside with friends, our flamingo Mingo chilling nearby. Maybe a game of cornhole or washers, or marshmallows roasted over the fire pit. Of course, there is almost always wine involved. 

For most people, wine isn’t typically the first thing that pops to mind when it comes to summer outings. Beer, yes. Jell-O shots? Perhaps. But wine is too pretentious. It doesn’t belong at BBQs or tailgating parties. 

Or does it? We say yes! 

Humanity has a long history with wine. The Chinese have been making rice wine for more than 9,000 years. The first grape wine appeared in Georgia and Iran 7,400 years ago. And 3,000 years ago, in Honduras, they were drinking fermented cacao by the gourdful (which sounds crazy delicious, btw).

We’d like to imagine that all those ancient human beings didn’t just save their delicious discoveries for weddings and fancy dinners. No. They were sitting on the stoop, knocking back some vino with their pals. 

We’re not sure when wine gained its fancy-schmancy reputation, but we’re not feeling it. We believe that there is a wine for every occasion, whether you’re taking brunch by the pool or throwing a steak on the grill.  

Our Fun Seekers wine collection is the true life of any party. They’re easygoing, fun to drink and always the perfect complement to your casual occasion.

With flavors like Black Cherry, Kiwi Pear, and Strawberry Watermelon, there’s nothing pretentious about them. They’re like summer in a bottle!

So, bust out your favorite lawn chair or just sit on the steps, get out the red Solo cups, and divide an entire bottle between you and your friends. Porch pounders of the world, it’s time to end your love affair with cheap beers and crappy liquor! Give wine a try instead.


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