British Columbia Pinot Noir
British Columbia Pinot Noir

British Columbia Pinot Noir

$10 Glass / $21.95 Bottle / $399 Batch

Wine Characteristics:
  • Medium Bodied Red
Wine That Pairs Well With:
  • Chicken
  • Red Meat
  • Pasta
  • Spicy Food
  • Cheese

Hailing from British Columbia, this wine showcases the best aromas bright red berries have to offer.  The delicate tannins in this wine give it a texture that leaves you wanting more. The rounded essence of spice leaves the impression these grapes were grown near fields of clove.  Unlike many wines, this pairs excellent with traditional mild Mexican and Indian cuisines, especially light curries.

This wine is best served at 63-degrees Fahrenheit, and is ideal for drinking currently up to 18 months in the bottle.


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