Il Sovarno (Barolo)
Il Sovarno (Barolo)

Il Sovarno (Barolo)

$15 Glass / $29.95 Bottle / $575 Batch

Wine Characteristics:
  • Full Bodied Red
Wine That Pairs Well With:
  • Cured/Smoked Meat
  • Red Meat
  • Cheese

Known as the “King of Wines” in Italy, this intriguing Nebbiolo is in a class of its own in the InVINtions’ collection, hence the name.  Historically famous for its flavors of dried rose and liquorice, this full-bodied wine displays powerful tannins and elevated acidity. You may also notice notes of chocolate, mint, cherry, cinnamon, white pepper, dried fruit and eucalyptus.  A bright ruby color, which fades to garnet over time, along with a signature transparency in your glass is the sign this wine is made with the highest-quality Nebbiolo grapes. Over time, an ultimate complexity shows through with hints of earth, truffles and dark chocolate. Pair with dishes fatty enough to match the tannins in the wine, but not so strongly flavored they overpower the aroma and fruit. In the cheese department, opt for creaminess and fat. Vegetarian pastas with a good glug of oil or butter are also a delicious choice.


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