Red, White, & Blue Cider

Red, White, & Blue Cider

Come in for some of our Encore Cider Today!

It’s official: Summer is here! As much as we love our wine (and you know we do!), this warm weather has us jonesing for something a little lighter. 

Since this is the month we celebrate our independence as a nation, we thought nothing would be better than a little red, white, and blue. Cider, that is.

Light and super refreshing, cider is the perfect summertime day drink. Pour some over ice, mix it into a cocktail, or drink it straight from the bottle – there really is no wrong way to enjoy it.

At InVINtions, we offer a variety of ciders for every palate, whether you like champagne dryness or something a little more full-bodied and sweet.

Today, in honor of the 4th of July, we’re going to talk about Sour Cherry, Oaked Apple, and Blueberry (our second favorite red, white, and blue):

Sour Cherry Cider

Our sour cherry cider starts with a base of bittersweet apple varieties. Later, a special blend of sour cherries is added. The cherries bring a deep red color to the cider and leave behind a subtly tart and sour note. It’s a delicate, yet complex, flavor that pairs well with your favorite spicy dish. So, throw some spicy sausages on the grill, or bust out your hottest salsa, and enjoy some easy drinking.

Oaked Apple Cider

Oak-aged beer and wine? That’s old hat! Try an oaked cider instead. When it comes to our favorite apple-based drink, there is just no substitute for the tannins and complexity of traditional barrel aging. While some brewers use old bourbon or brandy barrels for a boozier taste, we prefer a more neutral flavor with woodier notes. Pair it with a nice slice of apple pie at your next cookout.

Blueberry Cider

Blueberries aren’t quite ripe yet here in Colorado . . . but the summery fruit is NEVER out of season when you’re drinking a glass of this cider. This blend of apples co-fermented with blueberries has a dry, complex flavor, and subtle bluish pink hue. The acidity pairs well with creamy sauces, tender fish, and mounds of vegetables. 

Want to try one of these great flavors for yourself? A glass of cider is only $6. Or you can choose a 500ml bottle for $6.95. Need even more? A growler fill is $35 or you can purchase a whole batch of 30 bottles (including custom labels) for only $209. Great for any upcoming summer party or event!

Tell us – now that the sun is heating up and summer party season is in full swing, what fruity beverage are you dying to try?


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