Grand Vin Wine Club | InVINtions, A Creative Winery


What is it?

Grand Vin is InVINtions, A Creative Winery's elite level of Membership available exclusively to our Charter Wine Club Members.

Membership in Grand Vin cannot be bought, but must be earned.

There are two ways to Earn Grand Vin Status for the next calendar year:

  1. A Charter Member must purchase five batches of wine in the previous calendar year. 


  1. A Charter Member can become part of the Cask Owner's Club!


What are the Benefits of Grand Vin?

•      Invitation for you and a guest to the Grand Vin Exclusive Wine Maker's Dinner (a $600 value);

•      The Wine Club Party reservation charge of $10/person is waived;

•      One Bottle of Cider each month;

•      Two additional complimentary Cider Growler fills annually;

•      Grand Vin Members are the only people who can shut down the ENTIRE winery (including the Barrel Room) for a private event;

•      Grand Vin Private Party Discount is worth up to $250 (instead of $75 or $125 in the other Clubs);

•      Exclusive access to the Barrel Club to purchase interests in special Barrel Wines!

•      More benefits are added each year!