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InVINtions Encore Cider

The time is ripe to expand our InVINting creativity beyond the grape. These creations will take you on a new adventure of splendidly crafted hard ciders. Your tasting experience will transport you into a well cultivated orchard bringing to life a variety of new flavors and sensations for your palate.


Introducing, InVINtions newest family member:
InVINtions Encore Cider!!


InVINtions’ newest creations, Encore Cider offers a refreshing twist on classic hard apple cider. This hand crafted, small batch cider uses apples from the Pacific Northwest to give this cider a perfect fruit filled semi-sweet balance. Stick with your classic Apple Cider, or venture to cascade dry Hopped Cider. Looking to get your ginger kick? Our Ginger Cider uses fresh organic ginger to add a clean bite to the cider. Interested in something sweeter? Our Blueberry or Cherry Ciders have a refreshing balance of sweet fruit profile while still maintaining the crisp bite from the apples. Don't forget to stop in and try our seasonal creations as well - there is no telling what our cider maker will come up with next. Have an exciting flavor idea? Let our Managers and Cider Maker know. All of our Cider options are gluten free and many come in 500ml bottles. Stop on by and try our ciders on tap or take them to go with our bottles and growlers. Also, ask us about scheduling your custom batch party!

InVINtions Encore Cider Options