A Moment of Reflection...
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A Moment of Reflection...

Happy Summer everyone! Weird, that I’m saying "happy" in 2020. It has been one heck of a ride!

So much has occurred through this turbulent time, and I would like to let you know how InVINtions has weathered the storm. 

Most importantly, a massive THANK YOU to all of our long time and new clients for your never ending support for our family business. YOU are the highlight of these rough past months! Your friendship and your willingness to join in with us on many new adventures as we had to pivot our business model 180 ̊ was, and continues to be, the highlight of this year! 

When we had to shut the tasting room down on Saint Patrick’s Day, I was devastated. I could not believe what was happening; I was terrified. As our Winery’s name is InVINtions, A Creative Winery our incredible team got to work.  The answer was, “Let’s keep drinking wine, if there has ever been a better and more appropriate time to come together and support each other over a glass/bottle/or bottles of wine,` that’s what we were going to do!” As many of you know, I am all about the social interaction; I would have lost my mind if I couldn’t have enjoyed time with each and every one of you.  I like to think that we did not Social Distance rather we Physical Distanced. 

Here at the winery we had many victories during the shutdown, we were considered Essential (well duh!!) we all know that.  We were grateful to be able to continue to have all of our Full-Time Staff working all the way through the shut down!  Our incredible team worked day in and day out to provide you with entertaining, educational, and delicious opportunities as we were all stuck at home.  Our Stems-Up Wine Education Sessions that began on April 1st were a tremendous success, and as of June 24th we are back at it yet again for another six weeks of delicious wines and education! 

The Cooking with Chef Lucas Series was an absolute blast!  Over 80 of you joined that series and fell in love with Chef Lucas, Mattias, and their puppy Seppi, as we all enjoyed cooking and pairing wines together!  A very fun drinking game developed through the series as additional entertainment!! A third rendition of Cooking with Lucas just was announced on June 25th!  Four additional Sundays have been added to learn to cook foods from around the world, not just Italy!  All of this came on a chance meeting over  3 years ago, with a lovely lady and her friends the “Cork Poppers” in Vicenza, Italy.  When we found out she was from Colorado, we obviously became friends and off of that one time meeting she reached out to us when the pandemic started about hosting a Zoom Cooking Class with an Italian Chef.  The rest is history!!  Thank you Krystal for the fabulous event, Cheers!!

Our Stems-Up Happy Hour Zoom calls were also a great way to connect with each other.  Every Friday at 5pm,  a group of winery friends spoke about life, the struggles we were all facing, shared lots of laughter, a few celebrations (specifically an wedding engagement!!), and games (thank you to Hollie for hosting and making Happy Hour fun!) and lots of wine!!  It was a great stress relief for me personally and I found it to be healing, I hope you all felt the same.

The creativity and flexibility of our winery created a whole new vision for the future.  We anticipate continuing an online presence, specifically wine education, and who knows what else as we are always creating!! 

Wine production was in full swing during the shutdown, several new wines were released including some of our VINtage 2020 Collection (a.k.a. Limited Editions). Some of the new wines are: The Cure (a great dry white wine); Bin14 Trifecta (a lighter dry white wine); White Sangria; and Meritage is back (a medium bodied red).  The 2020 VINtage collection tore out of the gates with our Bianco Delicato (a Pinot Grigio & Pecorino blend); Eurkea! (a richly flavored white wine); and a beautiful red blend of Bonarda and Syrah we call Tulum Mezcla.  Many more wonderful VINtage 2020 wines will be released soon!! If you haven’t experienced all of them you are missing out!!

Now, for the best and worst part of this lockdown; we celebrated InVINtions, A Creative Winery’s 10th Anniversary on May 16th with over 100 of our winery friends and family over Zoom.  The event was almost spectacular – the only way it could have been better would have been to enjoy it will all of you in person.  I have been looking forward to this goal of 10 years in business for many years and I am proud of our accomplishments and how far we have come in our quality of wine making, education and the overall business.  The event was serenaded by Kent Blazy, who is an incredible songwriter in Nashville. Kent and his lovely wife, Cindy, sang lots of songs he has written for Garth Brooks [throughout the evening] - while drinking InVINtions wine of course!!  Another superstar made an incredible Zoom appearance! NFL Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Atwater and his beautiful wife, Letha, joined us.  Steve is my sports hero and it is an honor to call him a friend and a fan of our winery! I cannot thank you all enough for joining my family and me on Zoom for an incredible celebration.  If you didn’t get to participate, do not give up!  As soon as we are able to host a Wine Club Party at the winery we will relive the 10th Anniversary!!

As I reflect through the past several months, I am humbled by your love and support for our/your winery.  We have all had our lives turned upside down with everything happening in the world, and I am so grateful for the community we all have built. We are stronger together; we appreciate the finer things in life, wine and friendship.  So, to all of you I wish you health, calmness, and know you have a friend and a home away from home with our family at InVINtions, A Creative Winery.

With much love and care,
Marcus Tipton
Owner, InVIntions, A Creative Winery

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