All Things Green – Including Green Grape-Based Wine!

All Things Green – Including Green Grape-Based Wine!

It’s March, and you know what that means: it’s St. Paddy’s season!

Where we’re from, St. Patrick’s Day is a huge event: parades, Irish music, traditional pub food, and (of course) green beer. People get really into it. As much as we love green beer, though, there’s something we far prefer when it comes to the drinking o’ the green: green grape-based wines.


First, a little disclaimer: green grape wines aren’t actually green in color. If you want your glass to look a little more festive, you’re going to have to add some food dye (but, really, who would want to defile a perfectly good glass of wine like that?)


That being said, let’s talk about green grape varieties and what you can expect from each:


  • Chardonnay: Everyone has had a glass of chardonnay. The grapes are versatile and grow almost anywhere around the world. In appearance, they look exactly like the green-skinned table grapes you’d purchase at the supermarket. By itself, young chardonnay is most likely to taste slightly like green apples, but it can easily take on buttery and toasty, crisp and stony, or light fresh tones depending on the maker.


  • Chenin Blanc: Chenin Blanc is a white grape common in France and South Africa – it’s versatile and can make dry summery whites, sparkling wines, and even oak-aged styles. Also known as Vouvray or Steen, Chenin Blanc can exhibit flavors ranging from passion fruit to peach, and it’s medium to high in acidity.


  • Pinot Blanc: Another versatile variety, Pinot Blanc grapes grow everywhere from Oregon to Italy. Wines made from Pinot Blanc offer a general roundness of flavor, bordering on sweet, with relatively low acidity. Flavors can range from lightly herbal to spicy to citrusy and it’s really the perfect “everyday” white.


  • Riesling: As a grape, Riesling runs on the sweet side – and the sweetest varieties can be left to age for decades. Wines tend to have floral undertones and high acidity and it is worth noting that the fruit picks up the terroir of the land – meaning that if the soil has more minerals, the fruit (and the wine) will reflect that.


Looking for a green wine to try this St. Paddy’s day? Check out our Verdicchio – a green grape wine that is reminiscent of green apples, lemon, and slightly bitter toasted almond. Verdicchio goes great with seafood and fish (we’re looking at you, fish n’ chips!) and as an added bonus, it actually appears slightly green!

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