Call Sign "White Wolf"!

Call Sign "White Wolf"!

VINtage '22

Colorado HEAT is no joke right now. Don't you wish you had a light, refreshing, white wine to cool you off on these warm summer days. Our VINtage '22 release, White Wolf, a delightful blend of Trebbiano and Riesling, would be your answer to these hot Colorado summer days. We say "would" because White Wolf sold out within two weeks of its initial release!  Only a select few were able to get their hands on this VINtage release. VINtage Collection wines often sell out quickly; especially, after their inital release.  Be sure to lock down your VINtage selections early... especially if you know you found a particular wine you want to enjoy for some time.

As a reminder, VINtage '22 is themed around aviation.  The White Wolf is no exception.  It is actually named after winery owner, Nancy Tipton's, husband: John Tipton's callsign while he served out country in the Air Force.  White Wolf is spectacular, but it is also a chance for us to honor someone who risked his life fighting for his country. Thank you to everyone who has served our country and those who are currently active in the military, police force fire departments, and other public servants.