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January Tasty Tuesday Wine Pairing Recipe

Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf with Chili Glaze

Join us in 2023 as we taste our way through the year with delicious recipes perfectly paired with our InVINtions' wine!  Each month we will feature a recipe and wine. In between, you will find Tasty Tuesday...

Are You Ready for 2023?

VINtage '23

On behalf of the whole team here at InVINtions', we want to thank you so much for being a part of our community and all that you do for us.

InVINtions' Pasti in Fattoria Italiana

Transport Youself to Tuscany in 2023

The InVINtions' Pasti in Fattoria Italiana will transport you to the hillsides of Tuscany and the kitchens of rustic Italian farmhouses.

Have You Surveyed the VINtage Collection?

VINtage '22

Reconnaissance, the final wine in the '23 VINtage Collection, showcases just how important it is to buy our VINtage Collection wines early if you want to get your hands on these special releases.

Only One Ace Left!

VINtage '22

"Red Baron" is best known as the top scoring flying ace during World War 1 recording 80 aerial victories in less than a two year span.  For InVINtions, Red Baron is the second to last red wine in...

Get Your Motor Running!

VINtage '22

Magneto, our amazing Tempranillo ~ Bobal blend is the VINtage Collection wine of the month.