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Perfect Wine Pairings for your Family Gatherings

With so many great wines to choose from, what bottles should you buy that will pair well with your meal?

It’s hard to dislike a time of year that’s known for its feasting! Sign me up for spending time with my loved ones gathered around a home-cooked meal. That’s the simple part. It’s easy to make a...

"Perfect Pairs" - Christmas Dinner Wine Pairings

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Here are some great recommendations from our Wine Makers and Sommeliers at Water 2 Wine-DTC in an effort to enhance your Christmas dinner with outstanding wine pairings for your holiday...

"Perfect Pairs" - Guacamole and Luna Bianca

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Here comes another installment of “Perfect Pairs” courtesy of Water 2 Wine-DTC’s two resident Sommeliers.  Luna Bianca & Guacamole a “Perfect Pair” for Football Sunday Are you...