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Stems Up Sampling - Around the Winery

Remote Wine Sampling Package

In these different times we are living in today, we have had to shift and adjust in order to find ways to still spend time together and enjoy great wine.  So, at the beginning of April 2020, we began our on-line...

It's Official!

The Tasting Room is Officially Re-Opened!

After an amazing "test" re-launch with our Wine Club Members this past weekend, we are excited to announce that the Tasting Room is officially re-open for walk-ins and reservations. There are a few caveats, so...

Stems Up Sampling – Find a New Favorite!

Remote Wine Sampling Package

Any bit of comfort we can find in these crazy times is important, and that’s why InVINtions is announcing a couple of brand new ways to enjoy wine and connect with us remotely!  This new offer for our...

What Are You Celebrating Today?

Here are three ways we’re encouraging you to celebrate more this year.

We are officially declaring that 2020 be the year of celebrations! We don’t just mean the normal BIG ones such as weddings, babies, graduations and anniversaries, either. InVINtions is championing the idea that we...