Exclusive Wine Club Applications Open!
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Exclusive Wine Club Applications Open!

Our exclusive Charter Member Wine Club enrollment is happening now through December 31, 2018!

We love our family owned and operated winery, and we’re offering you a chance to become a part of it!  Do you enjoy complimentary wines and tastings, exclusive events with those who love wine as much as you do, and member-only perks that can make your next event or get-together unforgettable?  Our exclusive Charter Member Wine Club enrollment is happening now through December 31, 2018!


Quality is what we strive for and that means the Charter membership is limited. You deserve the best, so we limit our Charter membership to focus on your enjoyment.  Your experiences as part of our wine club family should be memorable, that’s always the goal at InVINtions.


We offer our wine club members incredible discounts on our award-winning vintages and private event packages. Why? Because our wines taste better when shared. We want to give you the benefit of variety with our nearly 75 wines from around the world.  Did you know that our wines come from twelve different countries and several different wine growing states? Our wines have 1/10th of the chemical preservatives found in most wines in the USA, so we get to enjoy our wines when they’re young and fresh.  


What’s included in your wine club membership? Now is the time for Charter Member enrollments, but we have a variety of levels to choose from.


Classico Wine Club – Dip your toe in as a Classico member. With this membership, each month you receive two bottles of wine, a complimentary glass of wine, a complimentary two hour tasting.  You also receive exclusive access to the Barrel Room (members only area of the winery), members only offers throughout the year, quarterly wine club only parties and various discounts. Find out more here.


Cuvee Wine Club – This second-tier club offers all the great benefits of the Classico club but allows you to pick your 2 favorite bottles of wine each month (some restrictions apply). Get all the details on our website.


Charter Wine Club – Our exclusive top-level wine club has some amazing benefits. The perks are too long to list, so check them out on our website!  Our Classico and Cuvee memberships are just the warm up. The Charter club is the main event.  PLUS, Charter members are eligible for our very exclusive Grand Vin Status. There are a limited number of membership spots available at any given time. Check out what we have to offer for Charter members.


Grand Vin Wine Club – This club is only for Charter members that purchase 5 batches of wine (or more) each year. For the true wine lover, these members get (on top of all the great Charter benefits), a bottle of our Encore cider each month, one free hour a month to utilize the entire winery (including the Barrel Room), Barrel Club priority for exclusive Barrel Wines, access to the annual Wine Maker’s Dinner and one Grand Vin exclusive bottle of wine each quarter. It sure is good to be a Grand Vin member.


Cask Owner Wine Club – All of that wine not enough? Craving MORE?  Well, then the Cask Owner Wine club is all about you. Want to show off your own personalized barrel of wine to your family and friends? We’ve got you covered. Get personally involved in our wine-making process. Not only will you have a barrel of wine to call your own, you’ll be invited to participate throughout the process. There are more perks as well – you can check them out here.


To be eligible to apply for our exclusive Charter wine club, you must have a Classico or Cuvee membership for at least two months prior to your application. Our Charter and Renewal begins October 31, 2018, and the deadline is December 31st! Sign up now so that you can be eligible to join Charter before the deadline passes.


We want your every wine experience to be a memorable one. From our gorgeous tasting room for private parties to our custom labeled wine and quarterly club member events, we strive to bring you right into the heart of our winery. Be part of something truly creative. We can’t wait to share our wine, and our family, with you.