Five Ways to Celebrate Your Wins
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Five Ways to Celebrate Your Wins

Here are our favorite ways to celebrate accomplishments, achievements, and WINS here at InVINtions Winery.


As we head into the goal-setting season for 2020, the main question we have to ask you is… what have you done to celebrate what you’ve accomplished in 2019?


Many of us set goals but don’t take the time to reward ourselves for a job well done! Well, we are here to remind you that it’s time to celebrate your wins for the year.


Here are our favorite ways to celebrate accomplishments, achievements, and WINS here at InVINtions Winery:


Give Yourself a Break


All of the advice on celebrating success reminds goal-setters to take time out to celebrate, not only the big moments and completed projects, but also the small milestones that help you get there. What are some ways you can build in small rewards throughout the year, as you get closer and closer to achieving your intentions?


One of our favorite tips is to give yourself break. Either stay in and do something you enjoy or head outside and do something fun! Personally, we think a trip to our winery might be just the break you need.


Have a Glass of Wine


Ready to congratulate yourself but don’t have a ton of time? Grab a glass and your favorite bottle of wine and allow yourself 15 minutes of pure pleasure. The key to this tip is ensuring you always have a bottle of your favorite wine on hand for just the right moment.


Buy Yourself Some Wine


Oh, this is one of our absolute favorites (of course)! What better way to reward yourself than to buy wine! Whether it’s a few bottles or a case, we have what you need at InVINtions. Come in and purchase your ‘usual’ or stay for a tasting and identify a new favorite. (Better yet, ask us about how you can make your own custom wine. Talk about a gift to yourself!)


Book a Wine Destination Trip


This is one of the ways we celebrate throughout the year. We visit gorgeous places around the world and get to taste new and wonderful wines. Not to mention the perks of beautiful countryside, great views, and connections made along the way. If you really want to give yourself something to work towards, plan a wine destination trip as a reward at the end of the year for a job well done.


Involve Others


Okay, we know that not everyone can book a trip out of state or overseas to enjoy wine. However, you can gather up a group of your closest friends, your family, your team or just people you enjoy spending time with and come on down to the winery. Good friends, great wine, and making memories is what we are all about.


Whatever method works best for you to keep you on track and motivated to keep winning, InVINtions would love to be a part of celebrating all of those wins. Stop by anytime. The wine is ready and the company is worth it. Corks Out and Stems Up, friends!