Get Your Motor Running!
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Get Your Motor Running!

VINtage '22

Magneto, our amazing Tempranillo ~ Bobal blend is the VINtage Collection wine of the month. You might be wondering, what is a magneto? Yes, for those comic and movie nerds out there, it is one of the villians in the Marvel Unniverse.  However, as you have hopefully learned by now, our theme of the '22 VINtage collection is Aviation.  In the aviation world, a magneto is actually an engine driven electrical generator that uses permanent magnets and coils to produce high voltage to fire the aircraft spark plugs.  For us, the Magneto is an integral part of our diverse VINtage collection. Magneto is an easy drinking medium-bodied wine that presents your pallate with sour cheery, blackberry, and a desert dryness terroir on the finish. Magneto will pair well with vodka sauce pasta dishes, light meat dishes, and rich seafood. Be sure to stop in and secure your Magneto to keep your taste bud spark plugs firing.