How Do I Pick the Right Glass for Serving My Wine?
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How Do I Pick the Right Glass for Serving My Wine?

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here A quality wine glass is a must in order to get the full enjoyment from a bottle of good wine.  The proper glass will enhance the flavor and bouquet of the wine.  There are distinct sizes and shapes of wine glasses, and whether you are tasting wine or drinking purely for enjoyment, the ideal glass is a must!  The glass, or “stemware,” is generally composed of three parts; the bowl, the stem and the foot.  If you choose a good all purpose glass you can typically use the same glass for red or white wines.  Ensure you pick something made of clear glass because you do not want to distort the color of the wine with a colored or cut glass.  The bowl of the glass should be larger than the rim.  In other words, pick something that gives you enough room to swirl the wine the bowl, but that narrows toward the rim.  Why?  The narrowing rim allows the aromas of the wine to be channeled more directly toward your nose.  One last tip - you should always pick something with a long stem so that your hand does not touch the bowl, warming the wine.  Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below: