How We Make Wine at Water 2 Wine-DTC
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How We Make Wine at Water 2 Wine-DTC

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Every day we have at least a dozen folks through our doors who aren’t familiar with Water 2 Wine, and they inevitably ask the same question – “How do you make wine and what is Water 2 Wine-DTC all about?”  We know that a lot of you are very familiar with what we do and already know about all the processes because you have made wine with us, but in this video Dan Daru and Marcus Tipton walk through the the winemaking steps, materials, some of the chemistry and many of the tips and tricks behind the wine-making process.  From the video, you will also get a good feel for the winery and what we are all about! Click Here to check out the video…and share it with your friends! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below: