Important Announcement
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Important Announcement

Friends & Family Offer at the Winery for March & April

Crazy Times!! I spoke with Cory’s parents this morning—most of you know them since Nancy is one of the winery owners—I wanted to make sure they were okay. They are in Nevada right now and travel all the time, so we worry about them. Good friends have sent us notes and videos showing us the empty shelves in the stores. A good friend (and Wine Club Member) called to see if we had any toilet paper at our house because he couldn't find any at the store. I said “yes,” we have a ton; paper towel too. The noise on social media is deafening, My hands are chapped from sanitizing wine lists, stemware, door handles, tables, etc. The world seems as if it is going crazy.

It is during these times we need to be kind to one another, offer empathy, love and mutual respect. I care deeply about my friends, family and winery team (who are just a much a family to me as my blood relatives). In uncertain times, regardless of the cause, some of us are looked upon to provide confidence and certainty. I want to be the one to offer that to each of you today. Here are some positive words and confidence—we will all make it through this together. Hug your family, stay calm, be reasonable, and share with your friends. We have all been through better and much worse together many times in our lives. I am here for you, the winery family is here for you, and let’s all be here for each other. At the winery, we will continue to provide you with Friendship, Warmth, Care and Wine each day.

So, for the remainder of March & April we are offering you a Buy One get One Free Wine Tasting offer. It's good for anytime you like for our 1-hour Wine Tasting.

Stay safe, stay calm and take care of friends & family. WE will make it through this TOGETHER! If you need something just call, we are here for you.  

Just show this promo code to your Tasting Room Ambassador for the 1-hour Tasting Deal, One per Table Please. 

With much love and care,
Marcus & The InVINtions, A Creative Winery Family

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