InVINtions Cucina del Mondo with Chef Lucas

InVINtions Cucina del Mondo with Chef Lucas

Continuing the Fun with Cuisine from Around the World...

By now, you probably know that InVINtions, a Creative Winery has partnered with Chef Lucas, a dynamic Chef from Vincenza, Italy.  Together, Chef Lucas and InVINtions are excited to bring you a cooking series including cuisine from around the world, paired with InVINtions’ incredible collection of wines!

InVINtions con Italia's Initial Wine & Cooking Classes were a HUGE Hit, so We're Taking the Series International!

That’s right, if you joined us for the cooking and wine experiences in April and May, you know we received many, many, many (okay, most of you) requests to continue the fun with Chef Lucas. We heard you, and we are excited to announce that we are taking the series International!  That's right, Chef Lucas may be Italian, but he has lived and worked all around the world.  So, for the months of July, August, September and October, we are excited to be cooking International cuisine with Chef Lucas and pairing those dishes with incredible InVINtions' wines!

How Does this Compare to the Previous Experiences?

If you attended any of the previous experiences, you already know how incredible Chef Lucas is, and that remains the same. Also, the wine and the pairings will continue to be amazing. The dishes and what we learn will be different from the previous experiences and will represent a different country each month. Did you say each month? Yes, this package includes a series of 4 experiences--one Sunday each month in the months of July, August, September and October!

So, there is Only One Experience Each Month?

Exactly!  It is summer, the weather is beautiful, and hopefully you are each getting outside and maybe even traveling a bit.  So, we will meet on-line once a month for a different experience.  Lucas will be sailing around Europe on his boat, so you never know where he will join us from. 

The class times are:

Sunday, July 12 @ 12:00 p.m. MDT
Sunday, August 23 @ 12:00 p.m. MDT
Sunday, September 20 @ 2:30 p.m. MDT
Sunday, October 11 @ 2:30 p.m. MDT

Wait, Sundays are Football Days in Late Summer and Early Fall...

Yep, and we are fans of football just like a lot of you.  We have taken into consideration our local team's schedule, but if you are fans of another team, just set your DVR for the game, or you can log-in, anytime starting the next day, and watch the video replay of the cooking experience with Lucas!

What's Included?

Each InVINtions Cucina del Mondo package is $255, including tax, and includes access to all 4 live classes, access to video replays of those classes and 9 bottles of wine!  For just $30 more, or $285, including tax, you can make it a case of wine and you choose the additional 3 bottles of wine*!

So, what do you need to participate in this wonderfully unique experience? It’s simple, you need about 60-90 minutes to join us on-line, an internet connection and the InVINtions Cucina del Mondo package:

  • 1 Bottle of Meritage
  • 1 Bottle of Malbec
  • 1 Bottle of McLaren Grenache (Never before Released!)
  • 1 Bottle of La Bella Vita
  • 1 Bottle of Sangiovese-Merlot
  • 1 Bottle of Barrel Aged Chenin Blanc
  • 1 Bottle of Fume Blanc
  • 1 Bottle of Valpolicella (the source of produce is changing for this wine, so if you LOVE it like it is, this is a great way to get one of the last bottles!)
  • 1 Bottle of Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon
  • The option to select Your Choice of 3 additional bottles for just $30 more*!

Due to the popular demand of the previous experiences, we have tried to anticipate the interest in this event. The wine is somewhat limited, especially the new wine and the discontinued wine, so call the winery today to secure your package--303-799-9463.

What's on the Menu, and What About Allergies?

Well, we will be cooking foods inspired by the countries of France, Spain, Brazil, Italy and the Americas.

Since you are purchasing your own ingredients based off Chef Lucas' recipes and shopping list, you can control and modify for specific allergies. When Chef Lucas can give us a modification for your shopping list, he will.

Want to See More about Chef Lucas? Click Here!

With much love and care,
Marcus & The InVINtions, A Creative Winery Family

*If you select the option for 3 additional bottles of wine, which will get you a case of wine, please note the following restrictions apply: -Bottles are first-come, first-served, and based on inventory; -VINtage Collection and Barrel Wines are not avaialbe as part of this offer and -Due to inventory considerations, only one type of each wine may be selected (in other words, you cannot get more than one of each wine type, so 3 different bottles!)