InVINtions "Rocks" Castle Rock for a 7th Year!
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InVINtions "Rocks" Castle Rock for a 7th Year!

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here IMG_29041_1469039070165The InVINtions’ team arrived at Castle Rock with more than two tons of wine, and "Rocked" the Fest for a 7th year in a row!  Over the seven hour festival wine lovers almost wiped out the inventory of wine InVINtions brought to share with the crowd!  InVINtions’ newest creation--Hard Cider-- was an unbelievable hit with the crowds on the almost 100-degree summer day in Colorado.There wasn’t a taste of Hard Cider to be had at the end of the day, and many returned to purchase bottles only to find they had been sold out for hours. IMG_15941_1469039069852In seven years, this was the best overall Castle Rock wine festival day the winery has seen.  In terms of overall wine festivals in the winery's history, this one was second only to Palisade 2015 and Manitou 2016 both which still hold the record sales numbers for the winery for an out of town and front range festival, respectively.  Assistant General Manager, Operations, Daniel Morr said, “This was my first festival experience with the winery, and what an experience it was!  I almost got tackled when I had to tell folks that we were sold out of almost one ton of Hard Cider... good thing we have more at the winery!"  Winery Owner Marcus Tipton said, "It is so fun to see our loyal Castle Rock Wine Festival fans each year at the Grange, our following grows with repeated remarks from festival goers that our wines are a refreshing distraction from other 'festival wines' and our overall operation is always the best of the fest!” What a wonderful day that we all look forward to every year... a huge thank you to everyone who worked to make this festival an amazing success, yet again.  More importantly, an enormous thank you to all our loyal and heat-hardy, die-hard customers who come back year after year to support us at this, and every, wine festival!  Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below: “"Rocks"-Castle-Rock-for-a-7th-Year“ © 2016 Carriage House, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.