InVINtions' Wine Diaries
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InVINtions' Wine Diaries

September 2021 Edition

Fall has officially arrived and we are reflecting on the fun events we had in September.  Read on…

Chef Lucas - American Cheeseballs vs Italian Cheeseballs

During the last class with Chef Lucas to close out Cucina Estiva, Sabrina bowed down to the Italian cheeseballs. The Chefs were granted freedom to make many variations of the pumpkin risotto; from squash to pumpkin with the option of adding different meats or vegetables, such as bacon or mushrooms.  In the Tipton household alone, they had 3 different versions.  The meal finished off with delicious panna cotta which was, of course, complete with an InVINtions’ dessert wine.  

AP Friends’ Trivia 2.0

“The One Where Everyone Knew The Answers”... not in the AP version.  By popular demand, our trivia masters bowed to the most diehard Friends’ fans and gave them a real challenge.  It was a full night of “pivot,” “unagi” and “How you doin?”  A night of laughter, wine and of course FRIENDS’ challenges!!!

Trivial Pursuit Trivia

Our normally scheduled trivia night was not so trivial.  The InVINtions’ trivia masters tested our Wine Club members' random knowledge.  It was a close game, but in the end the “Winerz” were victorious.  The hostess with the mostest, Tameka, granted the winners a batch of wine as their prize.  The “Winerz” were very gracious and gave each team a bottle of their winnings.  What great sports!

Where’s Marcus?

Check out our social media posts on both Instagram and Facebook to play the daily game of "Where’s Marcus?"  We will be posting pictures from the 2021 Wine Club trip and hiding Marcus’ face somewhere in the post.  The person with the most correct sightings of Marcus will win a surprise when the travelers return.

Coming Up

Our travelers will return the second week of October, and we are busy gearing up for our Charter Wine Club Party on October 15th & 16th, so check your emails and get signed up today.  This party will be a Real Trip!!

Join us for our Halloween party on October 22nd.  Keep an eye out for the invite and get signed up before it fills up.