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InVINtions' Wine Diaries

October 2021 Edition

We are officially looking down the barrel of the holiday season.  How is Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away?  With harvest behind us, it is time to go all in on the holidays and secure your wine for your winter gatherings.

Wine Club Trip Return

They’re Back!  We know you were probably following the 2021 Wine Club Trip on our Facebook Page and eagerly anticipating the next update.  Well, this year’s travelers have returned from their 10 cities, 6 countries and 3 continents world adventure.  Stop in to the winery to talk with our travelers and see photos.  Next year’s adventure to Italy was already announced, but details will follow soon!

Hocus Pocus, I Need Wine to Focus

There is only one thing better than a movie night, and that is a movie night coupled with a Halloween Party!  Halloween, after all, is Tameka’s favorite holiday so it is only fitting Hocus Pocus night at the winery was one to remember.  Goblins, ghosts and ghouls were all in the house, along with some great guest costumes.  Tameka was, of course, dressed up as Winifred Sanderson.  As she has in past years, this year she went all out!

Colorado Trivia

What do you know about Colorado, eh?!  Believe it or not, a “Canadian” won the Colorado Trivia night title.  The lucky team of four each received a “Drink Local” InVINtions’ shirt and bragging rights.  InVINtions’ very own Wine Maker and Owner, along with his team, came in “dead last” and received a Halloween Skull.  Our trivia schedule for November is a bit different due to the holidays and private party rentals of the tasting room.  Click Here to join us for Holiday Trivia on WEDNESDAY, November 17!

Charter Party

The Charter Party was a real “trip”… inspired by our Wine Club Members’ return from overseas.  Complete with destination paired foods, we enjoyed many of the VINtage Collection wines while “traveling” all the way from the Egyptian Pyramids to Paris to Sydney to China with a short stop-over in Rome.  Why Rome?  Well, read on for the exciting upcoming news…

Coming Up

The month of November is not only the month of Thanksgiving but also of Chef Lucas.  Have you heard our favorite Italian Chef is flying to the United States to visit his favorite winery and winery chefs?  There are multiple Chef Lucas events scheduled: some are for participants in our on-line cooking classes and others are for anyone who wants to join us.  Check out our full event calendar by CLICKING HERE!  Don’t forget to also mark your calendar for our annual and highly coveted Black Friday sale.  Details coming soon…

In Closing….

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and all the other winter holidays are all just around the corner.  Now is the time to secure your favorite wines, while supplies last.  If you want a batch with custom labels, don’t forget that it typically takes 6-8 weeks to get your wine.  We do have some wines set aside for the holidays, but quantities are limited.  Come see us at the winery soon…