InVINtions' Wine Diaries
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InVINtions' Wine Diaries

November 2021 Edition

December already?! The past month has been filled with LOTS of exciting events. Have you secured your holiday wine? If not, call us soon!  Read on for all of the month’s happenings…

Chef Lucas

Our Favorite Italian Chef made multiple appearances at InVINtions Winery. He and Mattia amazed us with a Cask Owners’ private party, pasta, lasagna, and even a class in limoncello. Chef Lucas drew crowds from across the United States to InVINtions! People were delighted to take home personally autographed copies of Chef Lucas’ cookbooks. Chef Lucas even judged our first ever Chili Cook Off!  Stay tuned for more spectacular adventures with Chef Lucas in 2022!

Chili Cook Off

In November, InVINtions hosted their First Chili Cook Off. Participants selected an InVINtions' wine to use in their chili recipe. We had chili ranging from SPICY to no beans (Chef Lucas really wanted beans!).  Congrats to Nacole and Brain for winning Chef Lucas’ vote, and Steve Fast who took home the prize for People’s Choice!

Black Friday

Ever waited in line for a Black Friday sale? InVINtions, A Creative Winery had people lined up at 8:10 a.m for our 10:00 a.m. opening. Everyone wants their hands on our First Come First Serve DoorBuster Deals.  $5 bottles of wine, discounted merchandise, and gift cards were available for being first in line, and those were just a few of the AMAZING deals offered on Black Friday. People also got Free Wine Flight cards for showing up in their pajamas. Deals popped up hourly throughout the day, and several people took advantage of the phenomenal discounts!

InVINtions' Advent Calendar

Have you seen our social media pages?!  We are doing an InVINtions Advent calendar for the 18 days that InVINtions is open in December. Be sure to check out Facebook or Instagram for the Deal of the Day or just stop in and ask us about it!

InVINtions' VINtage Collection and New Wines

2022 will bring some delicious new wines! Be on the lookout in the first quarter of 2022 for their releases. You won’t be disappointed in the new collection.  Pssst... If you were at Black Friday, you already got a preview of one coming wine!


Look for InVINtions' Trivia to resume in the new year. Any Trivia Themes? Let the InVINtions' Winery Crew know your ideas.  Watch for the email early in the New Year and register for trivia… study up to win the amazing prizes.

Zach is Back!

Yassss! Our favorite "pitcher" is back for the holiday season. Zach will be in the back making sure InVINtions' wines continue to be pristine. If you happen to see him, give him your most friendly smile - he is studying to be a dentist.

In Closing….

Thank you to EVERYONE who came into the winery and participated in the past month’s events. InVINtions, A Creative Winery wishes ALL of you a Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season surrounded by all the things you love - especially InVINtions' wine! We look forward to ending 2021 with you and seeing you in 2022.