InVINtions' Wine Diaries
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InVINtions' Wine Diaries

July 2021 Edition

Have you been enjoying this beautiful CO summer as much as us?  We sure hope so!  Over here at the winery we’ve been keeping busy to keep the wine flowing!  Want to know what’s been happening?  Read on…

Production, Production and MORE Production

If you’ve been into the winery lately you’ve probably noticed A LOT of activity in “Production Land!”  Our production volumes have not quite doubled in the past 18 months, but we have gotten really close to doubling.  Not only has the InVINtions’ Team been working hard to make sure the shelves are stocked, but many of you have joined-up with us in our efforts.  None of us ever want you to miss out on your favorite pour!  There are no words that can ever emphasize enough how key many of our Wine Club Members have been to our success in wine production.  Faced with a strange economy and a changing tide in the workforce, a little over a dozen of our Members stepped-up to help us keep continuity and flow with our production.  Each and every one of you has put your heart and soul into helping.  Several of you show-up at the drop of a hat and seem to know what needs to happen at the winery before we even do (Sabrina, Nacole, Brian, Steve, Rachel, Emily & Linda).  Everyone who has shown-up to help has taken time away from your own families, day jobs, retirement and free time to help alleviate the stress of the times.

Summertime is very important for the winery as this is the time we begin preparing for all your holiday orders!  Speaking of, it’s NEVER too early to order your batches for the holidays!

Cucina Estiva with Chef Lucas

On July 18, we enjoyed our second summer class with Chef Lucas!  This class was themed “Summer Delights,” and it did not disappoint!  Chef Lucas walked us through making Antique Chicken with peas, stuffed tomatoes, and Ricotta balls.  Do you have tomatoes in your garden?  If so, you MUST try Chef’s stuffed tomatoes!  The food was delicious, the wine was to die for, and the company was second to none!  Chef Lucas even showed us how to light a grill using diesel fuel, don’t worry no one was harmed during the class!

Stems Up – live from FRANCE!

On July 21, we took a ‘trip’ to France for our great friend Alexis Caraux.    Alexis stayed up until 2 a.m., his time, to host this once in a lifetime class for us, and we are so happy that he did!  We all learned how different the French wine classifications are from other places in the world.  The wine, which arrived direct from Alexis’ French wine collection was amazing, and we’re all lucky we were able to taste this exclusive wine usually only available in France. 

Olympics Trivia

Next, we celebrated the start of the Olympics with a little Olympic trivia!  Patrons were able to test their knowledge about all things Olympics.  The amazing Tameka hosted yet again, and fun was had by all!  This month’s winners got Gold, Silver and Bronze bottles of wine (well, wine bottles with those color tops on them!)

Grand Vin Wine Dinner

Our Grand Vin members were wined and dined on July 24 at our annual Grand Vin Wine Maker’s Dinner.  Guests were wowed with four perfectly paired courses prepared by Chef Scott Meis and his amazing team!  Grilled Avocados, Rose Wings, Steak with grilled vegetables and Chocolate Torte were all cooked fresh on site and perfectly paired with four InVINtions’ wines.  Did you miss out on this fantastic event?  Be sure you start buying your batches to get your 2022 Grand Vin status—that way you won’t miss out next year!

New Faces

This Edition of Wine Diaries sounds like an ode to our Wine Club Members, and that is true!  Once again, we are singing the praises of several key Members (you know who you are) who have been iatrical in the winery making some very key hires!  Yes, there are many new faces at the winery.  Remember we said earlier that production levels are close to double those levels of 18-24 months ago?  Well, our staff hasn’t quite doubled, but we definitely need more amazing people to help keep up with the breakneck pace.  If you have not already been in and welcomed Nate, Zach, Lauren, Meredith, Zach (yes, there are two of them) and Tristan, make sure you stop in soon.  Most of your favorite faces are also around too, including AJ, who is back from maternity leave, so stop in soon!   

Coming Up

August brings more events that we are all excited about!  On August 11, we get to virtually travel to Italy for our next Stems up which will be hosted by our very own Chef Lucas!  Chef Lucas curated three of his favorite wines in Italy and we will have the unique opportunity to enjoy these wines normally only available in Italy!  On Friday, August 13, the winery will host its very own spooky movie night to celebrate Friday the 13th.  On August 15, we’ll meet with the extraordinary Chef Lucas for our third Cucina Estiva cooking class.  The theme for this class is “Southern Italian Summer Lunch” and we can’t wait to see what the Chef has up his sleeve for us!  Trivia night will be back in the winery on August 19.  By popular demand, the August trivia theme is Trivial Pursuit.  Be sure to sign up today so you can reserve your spot!  We’ll round out August with our Summer Wine Club parties on the 28th and the 29th.  The theme for the parties is Hawaiian Luau and you know that we’ll have lots of fun in store for all those Members who attend!

In Closing….

As you can see, the winery team continues to be busy filling your wine cellar and social calendar with amazing wine and exciting events.  As you can also see, times have been hard at InVINtions.  Like many other companies, we are struggling to fully staff production and the front of the house.  While we are all working hard to ensure you get the best possible experience every time you are in the winery, we do ask that you remain patient with us during this time of transition.  We can’t thank all of you enough for helping us through the unprecedented past year of growth and challenges!

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