North American Wine Trivia Answer
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North American Wine Trivia Answer

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Yesterday, we asked: "Where is the oldest winery in North America still producing wine today located?  A. Texas   B. Canada   C. Mexico   D. Virginia" The Answer is:  Mexico - "Casa Madero operates the oldest vineyards and cellars of the American Continent.  Founded in 1574 when Spanish priests and conquerors in search of gold, left Zacatecas towards what today is the State of Coahuila.  Although no gold was found in the middle of this desert, they came across with an oasis with water springs and a great abundance of wild vines.  This privileged valley is known today as 'Valle de Parras'."  The winery makes a very nice Merlot and a Merlot-Nebbiolo blend, along with many other wines! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below:"