Only One Ace Left!
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Only One Ace Left!

VINtage '22

"Red Baron" is best known as the top scoring flying ace during World War 1 recording 80 aerial victories in less than a two year span.  For InVINtions, Red Baron is the second to last red wine in the 22' VINtage. Red Baron is a 50/50 split between the varietals of Grenache and Carignan. If you love a spicy, smoky, full-bodied red, then this wine is for you! Looking to have some family or friends over for a dinner soon?  Pick up a couple of bottles of Red Baron to pair with your main course of a lovely smoked BBQ chicken. Limited quantites are left, and we only have one more VINtage Collection Wine to present to you this year before we dive in to our 2023 outlook in December. Cheers!