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Partners in Wine

Nacole Light

Are you as excited as we are to launch our new section of our website and blog; Partners in Wine: Supporting Small Businesses in our Community?!  Our wine club members support our winery every day and this is our way of giving back some love to their ventures!  Every month we will feature a small business owned by one of our very own Wine Club Members.  We hope this is a space to come together and make our community at the winery even closer.  Are you a small business owner and a Wine Club Member?  Don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!

Now, on to our first Partner in Wine, Nacole Light!  Nacole is a Financial Planner at Capstone Colorado that works day in and out to ensure her clients are set up to meet their financial goals.  Nacole focuses her energy to help each of her clients achieve their dreams.  Behind the scenes, Nacole is an architect of financial strategies tailored to each specific client so they meet their goals.  Now, let’s hear directly from Nacole:

How long have you been an InVINtions’ Wine Club member?

This is Nacole’s 3rd year of being a part of the InVINtions’ family with her husband Brian!

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ wine?

Viognier all the way!  Why you may ask?  It pairs with every food imaginable which makes it a cook’s best friend!

What is the best event or activity you have attended at InVINtions?

Nacole’s favorite event is unique; she is among the few to say that she celebrated her wedding reception in InVINtions’ Wine Club exclusive Barrel Room!  Nacole and her husband Brian were engaged during the pandemic – when you meet with her ask her the story; it is SO sweet!  The newly married couple made the decision to elope in October 2020 and decided the winery was the perfect place to celebrate with close friends, including some important InVINtions’ team members as well as a few other wine club members. 

While their reception has been Nacole’s favorite event, she and Brian have shared in several other important events at the winery including signing a contract for their home purchase and several birthday celebrations for Nacole.  According to Nacole, all events are special here at InVINtions because the team and atmosphere make everything, even just a tasting, special with attention to the small details.

How long have you been in CO?

Nacole moved to Colorado in 2004 but didn’t make it to the Denver area until 2016.  Fun fact – Nacole’s first apartment was 3 blocks from the winery, but she was too intimidated to stop in for TWO YEARS!  She and her coworkers finally got a Groupon and the rest is history!

How long have you been a Financial Planner?  What’s your favorite part about your job?

Nacole has been a licensed and practicing Financial Planner for 5 years.  When Nacole and I started talking about her favorite part of the job, I saw her passion for what she does come alive.  She told me that when she was growing up, she never knew there were professionals to help you navigate the financial world.  Her family and friends didn’t utilize the resource as they were in a rural area that didn’t have Financial Professionals nearby.  After college, when  Nacole joined the professional workforce, she tried out several jobs before accepting an unexpected position with Prudential.  Once starting work with Prudential, Nacole knew she had found something that she was passionate about.  Something that allowed her to help care for people while also working in an exciting career.  At first, Nacole was hesitant to pursue a Financial Planner role, but when she found out that 70% of females want to speak with a woman about finances, and only 14% of women are Financial professionals, she decided she would fight for a seat at “the table.”  Now, 5 years later, Nacole still loves showing people they can reach their goals as long as they have a plan and stick to it.  She appreciates the fact her clients could be millionaires, middle class or just starting out.  Whatever the situation, her clients’ financial plans and goals can be achieved with her Financial guidance.

To what do you attribute your business’ success?

Nacole has a philosophy that if she does what’s in her clients’ best interest the business and success will follow.  She also noted that she wouldn’t be where she is without the support of her husband and some really good mentors along the way.

Who can benefit from the services you provide?

EVERYONE!  Financial planning can benefit anyone who has the courage to have a discussion about where they are, what they have and what they want.  However, if she has to pin it down, Nacole thinks individuals who don’t have a strategy set out for the big picture of their financial plan would benefit most from working with her. 

How can InVINtions’ Wine Community help with your business?

Nacole would love to meet Wine Club Members, their friends, family, and acquaintances who are ready to seek Financial guidance - referrals are great and necessary for the success of her business.  Nacole loves meeting people and is always willing to meet them in a place where they feel comfortable.  Who thinks the winery could provide the perfect spot for that?!  Nacole also noted that she looks forward to utilizing Partners in Wine to make some other small business contacts to explore ways dynamic small business owners within the wine community can partner together for events.

In Closing...

I want to thank Nacole for taking the time to meet up with me for this first Partners in Wine segment – it was truly a pleasure getting to chat over a glass of wine with her!  For the rest of you, believe me when I say you HAVE to meet up with Nacole.  She offers a complimentary, no strings attached, session to assess what your needs, goals and expectations are.  This session will help her (and you!) to determine whether it’s a good fit, or if her services are needed.  Give her a call or a text today at 970-405-1780 to schedule some time with her!

Thank you all for taking the time to read about this amazing InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you haven’t done so already be sure to head over to the blog or our social media pages to see what fun events the winery has planned for you!  Cheers ‘til next time!