Partners in Wine
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Partners in Wine

Shannon Garrison Negi

Have you been at the winery on a Thursday night and encountered a dynamic group of women business owners?  If so, you’ve already met Shannon Garrison Negi.  She is a refugee from corporate America where she spent way too many years as a CPA for several Fortune 500 companies.  Now, she owns her own business and loves to bring other business women together.  So, why is this energetic group of women business owners meeting at InVINtions?  Well, if you’ve ever met Marcus’ wife, Cory, you know that she knows everyone.  So, predictably, Shannon’s journey with the winery started by meeting Cory at a luncheon in Denver.  Let’s hear more directly from Shannon:

How did your journey with InVINtions, A Creative Winery begin? How did our paths cross??

When I first met Cory, she told me that her mom and husband owned a winery (insert shocked face here), and I had to get all her info right away! The weird thing is that we didn’t catch up instantly, but I saw her out at another lunch and thought the stars aligned and this is just meant to be. I came to meet Cory at InVINtions, fell in love with the place, joined the Wine Club, and have been hosting networking events and just hanging out ever since.

What is this networking event you host at the winery?

Brilliant Women in Business gets together at InVINtions every month. The information for the group is all over my Facebook page and can be found here.  Anyone is welcome.  My vision is that this is a networking event for anyone but specifically targeted to women in business.  We don’t have a membership or anything like that. It’s a casual, no pressure event where you can be surrounded by supportive women, have some good conversations, meet new people, and enjoy great wine.  The best part is that the gathering aligns with what InVINtions is all about! It’s a safe space to hang out, be yourself, and meet wonderful people. That is also what my business is about, a safe space to help women change the way we lead.

Speaking of your business, tell us more…

My business is all about shifting leadership dynamics.  After working in finance in corporate America for over 20 years, I realized I was just not happy with what I was doing or the kind of leader I was becoming. So, when I finally made the decision to find my passion, I realized that I have a desire to help people and a talent for understanding and molding great leaders. Leaders are taught there is one way to get things done, you gotta push, push, push. Everything is about drive and hustle and getting more done. I help leaders at all levels change the way they lead from hustle to heart.

I’m a firm believer that we become who we think we should be. Influences from outside, the company culture, our bosses, etc. shape us into the kind of leaders we think we need to be.  As an energy and strategy consultant, my role is to guide you on this very personal journey to uncover a leadership style that is more focused, more thoughtful, more strategic. When the direction is “move, move, move” you often miss what would have been a more decisive, direct move if only you slowed down and listened to your intuition.

Sounds very wise! So, if there’s one piece of advice you would give to anyone reading, what would that be?

Stop getting in your own way. Listen to your gut and do the scary thing. Just do the thing. Stop doubting yourself and get out there, and then come to InVINtions and celebrate.

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ wine?

I have so many! That’s tough. Right now, I’m really loving the Chateau, but I think my favorite wine that I begged Marcus to make is the Sangiovese Rosé. I LOVE the Pinot Noir Rosé too but the Sangiovese Rosé is just amazing.

How can InVINtions’ help with your business?

Just keep being you! You guys have always been so supportive and we just love being there. Everything you do, from your events to your parties, is just a great time. Thank you for providing us with an awesome place and fantastic people.

Now that you know more about Shannon, you should definitely take the time to check out her website.  You can reach out to her today at SHANNON@SHANNONGARRISONNEGI.COM!  Thank you all for taking the time to read about this amazing InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you’re a Wine Club Member and a small business owner don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!  Cheers ‘til next time!