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Partners in Wine

Amanda Sager

Does going back to school, the summer ending and the holidays fast approaching have you feeling a little tense?  If so, our September Partner in Wine is just the person to help!  This month, I got to sit down with Amanda Sager, owner of Kneading Hands Massage to get to know about she and her business can make you feel a bit better!  Many of you have seen Amanda helping around the winery, but we’re excited to give you this exclusive look into her “other life” as a business owner!  Let’s hear some more from Amanda: 

How long have you been an InVINtions’ Wine Club member?

In preparation for her wedding in 2013, Amanda, along with her now husband John, came into the winery to scope out wines for the big day.  Marcus and team were able to show Amanda and John that they could drink more than just white wine, and the rest is history!  Amanda says that once she and John experienced the winery they couldn’t stay away, and eventually Amanda was even hired to work at the winery, so she REALLY was there all the time.

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ wine?

Everyone that knows Amanda doesn’t even have to think twice about the answer to this one…. Valpolicella!

What is the best event or activity you have attended at InVINtions?

To Amanda, this was a hard question as she always has a great time at the winery.  After giving it some great thought, she decided that she wanted to be selfish in saying the BEST event was her and Marcus’ joint birthday celebration.  For those of you who didn’t attend, we threw a Top Gun themed birthday bash complete with an airing of the movie, Top Gun themed calzones AND Maverick themed birthday cake.  The evening began with an exclusive message from Maverick (A/K/A Tom Cruise) wishing Marcus and Amanda a Happy Birthday.  To Amanda, this was a special event as she got to experience it “from the other side of the bar.”

How long have you been in CO?

Amanda moved to Colorado from Michigan in 2009.

How long have you been a Massage Therapist?  How long has Kneading Hands Massage been in business? 

Amanda started Kneading Hands Massage as soon as she became a Massage Therapist in 2006.  It wasn’t always a big business, but Amanda wanted to open her own business right out of school so that she could start serving clients and immediately helping people.  From 2006-2009 Kneading Hands Massage operated as a part time business, but as soon as Amanda moved to Colorado, she went full time and Kneading Hands Massage really got going.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Amanda loves building relationships with her clients and working with them to make them feel better and have better quality of life.

To what do you attribute your business’ success?

Funny answer because a big part of the success of her business is due to InVINtions!  Since Amanda worked at the winery, a big chunk of her clientele is from meeting people at the winery.  Success is also built in the relationships she has formed with her clients.  These strong relationships encourage her clients to continue coming in and to also give referrals to their friends and family members.

Who can benefit from the services you provide?

The list of reasons that massage therapy can benefit someone’s life is VERY long.  In thinking about it, Amanda thought maybe a list of someone who wouldn’t benefit would be better… According to her, if someone doesn’t like to be touched then they would not benefit from massage therapy. 

How can InVINtions’ Wine Community help with your business?

The InVINtions’ community has already done so much, but please come in and see her or tell your contacts about Amanda!  Referrals are huge to Amanda’s business, and she loves all the support she can get!  Gift certificates are also available – with the holidays coming up, everyone could use the gift of a massage!

Now that you know more about Amanda, you be sure to make an appointment to see her today!  You can contact Amanda by texting her at 248-840-1583.  As a bonus, her studio is less than half a mile from the winery, so you can be sure to book your massage then come in and see us for a glass of wine – can you say “ultimate relaxing experience!?”  

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our September InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you’re a Wine Club Member and a small business owner don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!  Cheers ‘til next time!