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Partners in Wine

Sarah Sinicki

This month’s PiW segment is a little different because this interview was a little different!  How did it start off?  Well, I didn’t even get a question in, and Sarah kicked-off the conversation… which I couldn’t help but tag on to:

Sarah:  “First of all, Sarah means “princess” which I totally am!”

Me:  “So that’s how we are starting and I love it!  ‘Tell me princess, what do you do?’”

We are off to the races, and let’s find out more about Sarah Sinicki:

What is Your Business and Tell Us About it!

Sarah runs Team80 which is an accounting and bookkeeping service for small businesses.  Team80 is a cool name, so of course we asked where that came from.  Sarah regaled us with the story which is that they named their company after the Pareto Principle of the “80/20 rule.”  80% of what needs done for every business is the same, the payroll, the backend processes, taxes, etc. 20% is the revenue generating side, the products, the services, etc.  The goal at Team80 is to provide the 80% so business owners can focus on the 20%.  Sarah’s business gives each of its clients a Chief Accounting Officer and they become your accounting department. Team80 becomes part of your team!  They want to fully understand your business so they can collaborate on how they can better contribute to your businesses’ success.

How long have you been in CO?

Sarah’s a Colorado native!  She went to Westminster High School where she met her husband, Layne.  Yes, they went to the same high school, but didn’t know each other.  Sarah actually met Layne while they were working together at Jim’s Burger Haven.  Side Note: Ask Layne about why he was about to get fired from Jim’s Burger Haven.

After high school, Sarah went to college here in Denver, and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She took a finance class to sit next to her boyfriend (again Layne, he’s all over this story) and she loved it.  Of course, Layne absolutely hated and dropped the class.  Sarah thought this was very logical and has been doing it for 20+ years now.

How did you find InVINtions’?

It turns out that Layne and Sarah came to InVINtions on an expired Groupon!  It gets better… Layne needed to buy Sarah one more Christmas present, so he purchased a Groupon for a wine tasting. Sarah made sure to tell me they were sure the whole thing would “suck” because “who has wine in the middle of Greenwood Village!”  Turns out, it was the best winery ever, that’s who! 

S: Well true. But he was checking the box in buying me the last present and it turned out to be a game changer.

What Do You Love About Wine?

This one, you’ll just have to read…

Me:  What kind of wine did you like before you came to InVINtions? Where did your wine journey begin?

Sarah:  Oh that’s a great story because we started where most people do… with sweet wines! Our favorite was Boone’s farm Strawberry Fields!

Me:  Oh no, not the $4 special.

Sarah:  Yep! We would light candles and have McDonalds’ chicken and Strawberry Fields for date night.

Me:  That’s very sweet and super cute, but tell me how you graduated to good wine.

Sarah:  So, from there we started drinking Arbor Mist. That was our next level. I think our first “real” bottle of wine was a Pinot Noir we had in Vail. So we would only drink Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet because anything else was gross; especially, white wine!

Me:  Seriously?

Sarah:  Yep. We wouldn’t do it! White wine was just bad. But then we came to InVINtions and everyone was super nice, very inviting, and we sat at the bar and tasted great wine.  Incidentally, we sit in the same spot we sit in today, on a Tuesday afternoon, and we loved everything about InVINtions.

Me:  Including the white wine?

Sarah:  Including the white wine!  Marcus made us taste it.  I tried it at that tasting and I remember saying that I hate Chardonnay because it tastes like feet and smells like feet but I tried something new and I liked it!

Me:  We do that. We get you out of that box and surprise you with how good wine can really be.

Sarah:  Well true, but now you’ve turned us into wine snobs!

Me:  I don’t know about that.

Sarah:  You totally did! We can’t drink cheap wine anymore. We can only drink good wine.

Me:  You’re welcome.

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ Wine?

Sarah says that is tough.  She is a huge fan of Italian reds so it’s hard to pick. But if she has to decide on a favorite, it would be the Vento Ripassa.  She loves a big, bold, Italian.

What Was Your Favorite Event at InVINtions?

Sarah didn’t even have to think about it!  The 10th/11th Anniversary party, no doubt. On Friday night, for the COVID-19 rewind party, we had a dance floor in the tent. That was the best!  Sarah loves dancing!  She claims she did not break her ankle that night, but rather “gave herself surgery!”  You might be wondering the same thing as me… what does that mean?  Sarah ripped the plantar fascia tendon, which is what they would do if you had plantar fasciitis and needed it fixed.  So, Sarah did it herself dancing.  The good news is that Sarah will never need the plantar fasciitis surgery now!

How can InVINtions’ Wine Community help with your business?

Sarah wants all small businesses to know that you are not alone.  Her company offers a no pressure consultation to access how they can free up your time and take your business to the next level.  Go to to find out more about Sarah’s company’s services and how they can support you.

Thank you all for taking the time to read about our October InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you’re a Wine Club Member and a small business owner don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!  Cheers ‘til next time!