Partners in Wine
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Partners in Wine

Layne Sinicki

For this month’s PiW segment we had to bend metal to get this man to talk!  Layne is a metal fabricator (yes, a master welder).  His company is called Furca Fabrications.  Layne is a curious cat... lots to say, but won’t speak a peep.

What is Your Business and Tell Us About it!

When we asked Layne about the name of his business he responded: "That’s a pretty good story." When I decided to start my business, I knew I needed a business name. So, I went to Google. I wanted something different; something innovative. I’ve always been intrigued by Latin and looked up Latin words which is where I came across Furca. I thought, "that’s pretty cool, and it stuck."  So, we asked Layne not to bury the lead. What does Furca mean in Latin? Layne responded, "Furca means utensil or fork in Latin." So, of course we had to inquire, "you’re a fork fabricator?" Layne responds with a smirk and,  "yes I am!"

Why did you start your own business?

I was working in construction for about 22 years. I’ve done installations, built towers, done demolition, etc. During that time, we worked with a subcontractor for welding, and they left. So, I started the fabrication division for my last company in 2007. Although the division was very successful, I wasn’t satisfied in that position. There were upper-level decisions I just didn’t agree with. I found myself going home and stressing about the next day. It’s not a great feeling to not be valued, not have time off, and be overworked. I couldn’t take time off when my kids were born! That’s how bad things were. So, I decided to start my own business, and I haven’t looked back. However, I only work in commercial space (like InVINtions Winery). Layne is why the winery’s gorgeous Cask Room is gated with the stunning handcrafted iron gates! Not to mention hundreds of other projects at the winery that have Layne’s stamp on them.

How long have you been in CO?

I’m a 4th generation Colorado native. If you've ever talked to Layne, your next question would be the same as ours, "really, now, don’t get mad, but you sound like you have an accent that would put you much farther North."  Layne responds, "I get that all the time and my 'accent' was accidental."  We know you are thinking the same thing we were... how does one accidentally adopt an accent?  Layne responds with, "I’ve been a hockey fan my whole life; I love hockey, and with the exposure to the media, hockey fans, hockey parents, etc. I just picked it up."

How did you find InVINtions’?

It's only natural to want to know about Layne's wine journey.  Not surprisingly, Layne started his wine journey with Bartles and James wine coolers.  “WHAT?”  We know you are thinking it!  Layne fires back with, "yeah and Lambrusco over ice; those drinks were pretty bad. Now, Marcus has turned me into a wine snob!"  Yeah, Layne continues, "I’m to the point where the wine must be right, the glasses have to be right, and I’ve even bought wine keys for my house and my in-laws’ house so I can open the wine appropriately. Coming to InVINtions really made me appreciate good wine. It just ticks."

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ Wine?

"My all-time favorite wine is the Amarone. It’s amazing. But I would love for the rest of the InVINtions’ family to help me convince Marcus to make a sparkling Rose. I think we can make that happen." Let’s all help Layne out and get Marcus to make a sparkling Rose. Mention you read this post and you want to support Layne.

How can InVINtions’ Wine Community help with your business?

If you happen to own or work for a telecommunications company and are in need commercial fabrication, please contact Layne at

Layne, we thank you for being a Partner in Wine with InVINtions, A Creative Winery!  We thank each one of you for taking the time to read about our November InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you’re a Wine Club Member and a small business owner don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!  Cheers ‘til next time!