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Partners in Wine

Amanda Maughmer

Have you been following the winery’s events on Facebook and Instagram and found yourself wondering where we were getting all our amazing photos?!  You’re in luck, our July Partner in Wine is none other than the photographer!  I was so excited to sit down and talk with Amanda Maughmer this month and learn about her small business: Belle Vie Photography!  Amanda was driven to start her own small business because of her passion of creating beautiful art and preserving memories for her clients: something that fits right in with the name Belle Vie – Beautiful Life.  Amanda’s goal is to capture her client’s beautiful lives, no matter what season of in the year lor life.  Another unique thing about Belle Vie Photography is they will travel ANYWHERE with you in order to capture your special moments.  Let’s hear directly from Amanda so she can tell you more about herself and Belle Vie Photography!

How long have you been an InVINtions’ Wine Club member?

Amanda and her husband, Justin, have been wine club members since September 19, 2018.  Not many people remember the exact date they became a member, but Amanda and Justin have a pretty good reason to remember.  You see, Amanda and Justin got a gift certificate as a wedding gift and they came into the winery the night before they left for their honeymoon.  After all, it was a Groupon and it was going to expire during their month long trip.  The Groupon had been gifted to them from Amanda’s step mom, and after their tasting they decided they needed to become members!  Amanda does throw in that she does NOT recommend trying the winery for the first time the night before a 20+ hour trip (this is probably the only instance she wouldn’t recommend stopping in!).

What’s your favorite InVINtions’ wine?

Rose if it’s a low-key day, but if it’s a feeling fancy day, she has to go with the Sangiovese Rose… either way…. Rose all day!

What is the best event or activity you have attended at InVINtions?

According to Amanda, you can pick your favorite costume or your favorite theme, but you can’t pick your favorite party as they all have their own special moments and their own special people who come together for a great time out.  

A few highlights that Amanda called out are: 
•    Black Friday PJ Day in 2019 is when they met Brian and Nacole Hughes.  The two couples both showed up in PJs and onesies and next thing they knew, they were all ordering lunch together, staying until 2PM and becoming lifelong friends.  
•    Every single event where there’s charity involved, you always know that you’re having fun but also giving back – whether its Denver Dumb Friends League, Furry Scurry or Make a Wish, the events that you know you’re making a difference at always leave an impact.  
•    Another one for the books was the 11th anniversary party with Kent Blazy – Amanda and Justin were our photographers for the evening and Amanda even got to stand on the bar and not get yelled at!  
•    Stems up has provided an avenue to meet even more friends and ensured that Amanda and Justin always know where to get the best recipes for their evenings cooking at home.  
No matter the event, to Amanda and Justin the winery is their “Cheers,” everyone knows their names and gives them a place where people support them, listen to them and have fun all while enjoying good wine.

How long have you been in CO?

Since August 21, 1986 at 6:13PM (when she was born, for those of you wondering why it is so specific!).  Amanda has never lived anywhere else, unless you count the month in Antarctica with Justin (where they DID receive a wedding card –  if you get mail, you’ve lived there right?).
How long have you been a Photographer?  How long has Belle Vie Photography been in business?  What’s your favorite part about your job?
Amanda has been an unofficial official photographer since she started hiking (very, very, slowly) and stopping (a lot) to take photos (mostly of flowers) – this is how her love of photography began.  Belle Vie was created around 10 years ago when Amanda decided to make a change due to a layoff from her job in 2011.  Amanda had always been taught that a corporate job was the ‘key to success’ so after a COVID job loss in 2019, and her third attempt of switching to Photography full time, she decided to go ‘all in’.  Her favorite part of her job is that she gets to do what other people aren’t doing in the industry.  She sees so many photographers who only capture the basics.  Amanda, on the other hand, likes to dig deep into who someone is, or who a couple is, and capture what makes them unique.  To Amanda, taking the time to get to know who someone is as a person is kind of a game changer and produces absolutely amazing results!

To what do you attribute your business’ success?

Amanda notes that she would not be where she is today without hiring a business coach.  Her coach has given Amanda the edge that she needs to succeed in a tough market to break into.  Along with her coach, Amanda has been able to create an experience for clients that not only allows them to feel they are very cared for but also offers them more than the basic images they are used to after utilizing other photographers.  To Amanda, her clients are more than what they look like on the outside, and she wants each of her photos to capture the whole person and the Belle Vie they are living at that point in time.  Amanda has also made an impact in branding photos for professionals.  She encourages her clients to take their business photos to brand themselves for who they are, not just for what they do.  In today’s business world, competition is fierce and standing out can be the difference between getting business or failing; Amanda’s creative approach allows them to stand out.  This is an approach Amanda has used in her own business and she has seen a lot of success stem from it. Lastly, Amanda takes true pride in her profession--it’s not all about the money--it’s about capturing the moments in time for the people hiring her.  For example, she ensures she only shoots two weddings a month so that her focus is on telling the love story of the couple hiring her.  She doesn’t take it lightly that a couple is entrusting her to capture one of the most amazing days of their lives.  Amanda always wants her clients to feel comfortable and have images that reflect every moment.  To Amanda, images aren’t about her or her portfolio they are for her clients.

Who can benefit from the services you provide?

Are you a Vampire or a Ghost?  No?  Then you can benefit from Belle Vie Photography!  Amanda will take photos that will last a lifetime and capture your true self.  These will be photos that you can hand down from generation to generation for your family to have keepsakes of you and your memories.  Even if you aren’t a big fan of having your picture taken, Amanda will work with you to feel comfortable, even if that means bringing out a glass of InVINtions’ wine!

How can InVINtions’ Wine Community help with your business?

Share, share, share and refer, refer, refer!  Her business thrives on referrals from clients who know her, her personality, and her passion.  Good people know good people and Amanda only accepts good people!

Now that you know more about Amanda, you should definitely take the time to check out her work on her website.  Are you ready to get some time scheduled with Amanda for a shoot?  Make sure you reach out to her today at!  Thank you all for taking the time to read about this amazing InVINtions’ Partner in Wine.  If you’re a Wine Club Member and a small business owner, don’t forget to SIGN UP here to be put on the scheduling list for an interview and post!  Cheers ‘til next time!

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