Ready to Sign Up for the 2020 Wine Clubs?
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Ready to Sign Up for the 2020 Wine Clubs?

Our members are more than patrons, more than clients… they are family!


It’s that time of year again! Time to sign up to become a wine club member for 2020. Our members are more than patrons, more than clients… they are family!


We asked our current wine club members what their favorite thing about being a member of one our wine clubs were and here are just a few of the comments:


“We always feel at home when we walk through the doors and the wines are amazing.”
Debbie T.
“Getting surprise wines every month, the wine tasting, and enjoying coming in and hanging out!”
Antoinette R.
“All the laughs we have with the staff during amazing monthly tastings! It’s like hanging out with family!!!”
Stephanie C.
“Good people, great wine, and family environment. Love this place!”
Brian G.
“Can’t beat the discount on batches of wine! Yum!”
Christine G.
“Great people at winery, sharing with clients, and parties!”
Tammy H.


Are you ready to sign up and become one of our wine club members? The great news is that there are several options to choose from. Let us count the ways…


Classico Wine Club


If you are ready to dip your toe in, our Classico club is the way to go. For a low monthly fee, you get two bottles of wine: one red and one white, valued at $35 each (at least). Plus, members get one complimentary glass of wine each month and one complimentary two-hour tasting each month at the winery. Members also get access to our exclusive, private Barrel Room.


Our wine club members also receive invitations to our “Members Only” wine club parties held throughout the year.


If that’s not enough, Classico members get discounts on all bottles and wine batches. Get all the details for this club here.


Cuvee Wine Club


Cuvee is our second-tier club with similar access and benefits as the Classico option but with the ability to select your free bottles of wine (instead of having us pick for you). Find out more about the Cuvee Wine Club here.


Charter Wine Club


If you can’t get enough of our wine, then the Charter Wine Club is your choice! This is especially true if you are a fan of our Encore hard ciders as this club gives you the option to swap wine for cider bottles and cider fans get one Cider Growler each quarter. Charter members get additional invites to private tastings and special events throughout the year and “Members Only” offers. Plus, Charter members are the only folks with a shot at earning Grand Vin Club status! If this option is calling to you, find out more here.


Cask Owner’s Club


Perhaps you’d rather get your own, personalized barrel of wine to share with friends, family or clients? The Cask Owner’s Club is for those who want to be personally involved in the process of making their own wine. For the serious wine lover, check out all the cool perks of being a Cask Owner.


Whether you are just beginning your wine club journey, or ready to take it to the next level in the new year, now is the time to sign up! Come into the winery or sign up on the website to become a 2020 Wine Club Member.