Spring is Here - Let's BBQ
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Spring is Here - Let's BBQ

We know spring has already "sprung," but this weekend looks like it will bring good grilling weather!  So, what better time than today to go over the best wine pairings for BBQ meals!  Although wine at a barbecue may seem a little out of place--maybe you are a little more used to beer at your barbecue--but there are there are plenty of bottles, white and red alike, that should be opened and enjoyed with a sizzling steak or other dish hot off the grill! Denvers Best Wine Shop

Let's keep this easy, and straightforward... here's the line-up of InVINtions' wines to pair with your BBQ dishes: The Best Wines for Grilled Burgers: Malbec - Not all burgers are created equal, but whether its the basic version of the all-beef patty, topped with cheese, tomatoes, raw onions and pickles; or, the gourmet version with heady blue cheese or sweet mango chutney, this wine is perfect.  Rich with flavors of ripe cherry, black currant, blackberry and cassis, as well as aromas and notes of clove, vanilla, and caramel have this wine begging for red meats and barbecue.

The Best Wines for Other Burgers: Sauvignon Blanc - For turkey or veggie burgers, try this tangy Sauvignon Blanc.  This wine casts distinctive flavors of pink grapefruit, tropical fruit, gooseberry, and passion fruit with long, rich flavors and refined fruit tannins that will complement any non-beef burger combination.

The Best Wines for Grilled Steak: Carmenere - Hints of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice are met with leather, chocolate and tobacco providing a back drop to the overall aromas and flavors rounded out with soft tannins, subtle toast and vanilla.  These flavors and aromas make this wine a suitable—and much more interesting than Cabernet—alternative to cut through a rich, glistening steak. Chateau - Flavors of many berries such as cherries, raspberries, blackberries as well as plum make this wine extremely well rounded.  Notes of pepper and chocolate make this heavy, dry, red a unique addition to any grilled steak dinner.

The Best Wines for Grilled Chicken: Verdicchio - Herbaceous notes, wet stone, and a slightly bitter toasted almond finish form the base for this impeccable wine, and will stand-up to the smoky meat flavor chicken picks-up from the grill.  Aromatic notes of peach and apricot also do the trick to complement the smoke flavors. Pinot Noir - The intense, expressive and fruit-driven personality of this wine makes it a delightful summer red, and one that will stand-up perfectly to the distinct flavors from the grill.  The aromatic layers of cherry, plum, spice and subtle floral notes will complement almost any grilled poultry dish.

The Best Wines for Grilled Seafood: Pinot Grigio - Prepare your mature pallet and appreciation for the finer things in life to both be complimented with this exquisite Pinot Grigio. We have given this wine extra special attention, because that’s what it deserves, and so do you.  This Italian style Pinot Grigio is light and zippy with nice acidity, slightly fruity with flavors of peach, exotic fruits, and apricot. Pairs beautifully with shellfish, light colored fish, salads and fine cheeses. To optimize your drinking experience with this distinguished Pinot Grigio wine, serve at approximately 46 F.

The Best Wines for Grilled Sausage: Riesling - This not so sweet Riesling explodes with pronounced ripeness and hints of apricots, peaches and other stone fruits along with citrus blossom, all while retaining a good balance of acid and sugars.  With the rush of acidity in this wine, it will enliven the flavors of the sausage in a perfect pairing. Gamay Nouveau - Gamay, from France’s Beaujolais region, is a light red wine with fresh red fruit and candied aromas. It is an easy-to-drink red wine that is perfect for a party or picnic.  Enjoy the essence of red cherries and strawberries with a light oak finish.  Gamay has a good acid structure with very low tannins, making it better suited for early consumption. Not sure if your guests like red or white wine? Grab a bottle of Gamay Nouveau and you’re sure to please the masses.

The Best Wines for Grilled Veggies: Naked Chardonnay - Notes of tropical citrus flavors and peach and apricot undertones, with a long, crisp finish make this Chardonnay less heavy-handed.  The lack of oak heaviness on the palate will make this your new favorite choice for those hot summer days by the barbecue.