Stems Up Sampling - Around the Winery

Stems Up Sampling - Around the Winery

Remote Wine Sampling Package

In these different times we are living, we have had to shift and adjust in order to find ways to still spend time together and enjoy great wine.  So, at the beginning of April 2020, we began our on-line series: Stems-Up Sampling - Find a New Favorite!

It was so much fun, that those who participated requested a second series, with different wines!  So, InVINtions, A Creative Winery launched the summer series: Stems-Up Sampling - Become a Master of Our Wine.  After that came the Holiday series, Stems-Up Sampling - Food & Wine Pairing!

This is now the fourth in the series--Stems-Up: Around the Winery.

Let’s pull those corks out, lift those stems up and continue to enjoy some wine together, shall we?

Remote Wine Sampling Package

If you participated in any of our other Stems-Up Sampling series, you know it was not only enjoyable, it was safe and convenient!

If you’d like to enjoy one of our popular wine tastings from the comfort (and safety) of your home, we’ve created the fourth in our series of Remote Wine Sampling Packages, just for you!

Stems-Up Sampling - Around the Winery includes a case of wine all chosen for you to enjoy, and talk about, with some of the familiar faces you see around the winery!.

Live Remote Sampling Sessions

We are offering guided virtual tastings as part of the package because connecting with YOU is one of our favorite things to do!

Beginning Wednesday, January 13, 2021, InVINtions, a Creative Winery will host an online "Wine Talk" (using the wines in the Remote Wine Sampling Package). The wines for each session are predetermined, so if you drink the wine before the specific session, then you will have to come back for more!

Every two weeks, join your favorite wine ambassadors, owners and managers in a "Wine Talk" session to collectively share thoughts about two different wines in each session! This will be a fun and interactive experience to learn something you didn’t know before and get another perspective on some of your winery favorites (both wine & people)!

We're kicking off the first quarter of 2021 with you, so this virtual event will happen at 6:30 p.m. MDT every other Wednesday each month through the first quarter. 

When you purchase the sampling package, you will receive a unique online code to join us for each of the 6 online sessions.  You will also receive access to the recorded sessions, in case you have to miss one, or you just want to go back and see what was talked about.

Each session will run for approximately 45-60 minutes and includes guided discussion as well as Q & A and fun conversation.

What's the Line-Up?

  • Marcus & Cory will highlight the Fume Blanc & Amarone Classico;
  • Nancy & Sabrina will highlight the Gamay & Chardonnay;
  • John will highlight the Aussie Cab & Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Ansley will highlight the Pinot Grigio & Doux Crème Caramel Port;
  • Tameka will highlight the Viognier & Mozzafiato Rossa;
  • Lauri will highlight the Acai & Raspberry & Barrel Chenin Blanc.

What if I Didn't Participate in the Other Stems-Up Remote Sampling Sessions?

No problem at all.  You do not need any of the information presented in the first three sessions to enjoy the fun, knowledge and wine in Stems-Up Sampling - Around the Winery package.

As always, you can place orders for pick-up or curb-side carry out.

If you’d like to order the Stems-Up Sampling - Around the Winery remote wine sampling package, contact us at (303) 799-WINE

With much love and care,
Marcus & The InVINtions, A Creative Winery Family