The Perfect Wine Pairings for the Holidays
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The Perfect Wine Pairings for the Holidays

While it may not feel like a traditional holiday season, you can never go wrong when celebrating with good food and great wine! You have probably already started your list of holiday meal choices and we have some suggestions on the perfect bottle of wine to go with each selection. 


While there are certainly strong opinions out there about which wines go best with specific meals, there is always some wiggle room for substitutions or justifying your favorite wine instead. However, if you’d like the full experience and the best balance, our recommendation is to match your wine with the most prominent element of the dish. 


If you are looking to pair your dishes with wine from InVINtions (and we think that’s a great idea!), then here are our suggestions:



The Classic Turkey


Gamay, from France’s Beaujolais region, is a light red wine with fresh red fruit and candied aromas. It is an easy-to-drink red wine that is perfect for a turkey dinner.  Enjoy the essence of red cherries and strawberries with a light oak finish. Gamay has a good acid structure with very low tannins, making it better suited to drink young. Not sure if your guests like red or white wine?  Grab a bottle of each!  After all, white wine pairs best with the stuffing.


The Holiday Ham


Warm your senses with Sangiovese. Much like the artistic legacy that has been bestowed upon the tradition of Tuscan grape growing; crafting this superb wine takes careful cultivation of the Sangiovese grapes and artful winemaking to produce the highest quality Italian delight. Experience subtle black pepper spice notes, with good acid levels, smooth texture and a medium body that has fruity undertones and a robust finish that tends to be bitter. This is the best choice for your holiday ham centerpiece.


Prime Rib


Our award-winning Super Tuscan is Bellissimo! Take a ride along the Tyrrhenian coast and find nothing but finesse in this extraordinary blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This amazingly big and full-bodied wine has a solid structure, bold fruit notes and a round finish with complex notes of cassis, plum and cherry all perfectly balanced with the bold tannins.


If you need any of the wines listed, give us a call at the winery. We’d love to be a part of your holiday experience this year. If you do try one of our recommendations, let us know. We’d love to hear your thoughts!