The Wine Club Celebrates the Winery's Freedom!
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The Wine Club Celebrates the Winery's Freedom!

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here InVINtions-Complete-ProclamationLast night, the “Sons and Daughter of Liberty” (a/k/a Wine Club) at Water 2 Wine by InVINtions celebrated, in a Boston Tea Party style celebration, the winery's new ventures.  Over 90 Wine Club members, some dressed in period garb, dumped out inferior wine bearing the Water 2 Wine brand, and competed in head to head “Scrap-off” competitions to label the new InVINtions, A Creative Winery series of wines!  One of the highlights of the evening was the signing of the Proclamation whereby the Wine Club and owners of Water 2 Wine by InVINtions declared Water 2 Wine to be inferior, and that beginning soon, this amazing top Denver winery will be donning the InVINtions, A Creative Winery brand. Wine Club members also celebrated Michael’s tenure with the winery, as Michael took the night “off” to enjoy wine and mingle with Club Members before his departure the end of April.  The Club Members were introduced to two of the three new members of the winery family.  Shortly after being introduced, Kalynne, the winery’s new Tasting Room & Marketing Specialist crushed (no pun intended, maybe) some of the winery veterans in the “Scrap-off” competition.  Taylor, the winery’s new chemist, who will be assisting the Award Winning Winemaking Team with many of their new wines and styles of winemaking, also made her first appearance at a Wine Club event.  The only new member of the team who was not in attendance last night was Amanda; however, many folks have already seen her around the winery since she and her husband, John, have been “regulars” for several years.  Amanda officially joins the team the end of April. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 16 & 17 when your winery of choice has its Inaugural Weekend for InVINtions, A Creative Winery. Click Here to see the photos from last night's event... Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below:'s-Freedom!"