This Weekend Join Us In Thanking Our Troops
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This Weekend Join Us In Thanking Our Troops

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here  Many of you will remember that just after the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, Water 2 Wine-DTC hosted a Military Support event called - "Time for Our Troops" where we raised over $3,000.00 to send much needed Suunto watches to our Troops in Afghanistan.  That night, we also got to Skype with SFC James Clark who was stationed in Iraq at the time. This Saturday, February 4, Water 2 Wine-DTC will be hosting an event in conjunction with Colorado Supporting our Troops to thank each of the folks who have contributed so much to help our Soldiers, and to welcome SFC James Clark home from Iraq (yes, he's home)! 

When:  February 4, 2012 Where:  Water 2 Wine - DTC Time: 6-8 p.m.

Our special guest for the evening will be SFC James Clark.   He is home from Iraq and was one of the last to leave Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He will share some stories about his multiple tours in Iraq and what how much it means to get continuous support from home when on tour.  He will be retiring in March so join us in welcoming him home in style and into civilian life.  As part of the event, we will be collecting items to send to our Troops who are still in Afghanistan.  Some of the most popular and useful items include: over the ankle, white socks; foot care products; eye care (Visine); skin care products (unscented); Lip Balm; First Aid Creams and Pain Relievers; Sinus Care (Ocean, Saline); Therma-Care Heat packs; toilet paper from home; reading and writing gear; music; DVD's and CD's; protein bars; granola; cereal; hard candies; red licorice; Jerky; Gum; sunflower seeds; nuts; 5 Hour Energy Drinks; Cliff bar energy gels and fruit snacks! Feel free to bring usual, we would like to pack the place!! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below: