Two Days Left to Get Your Grab Bag of Wine!
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Two Days Left to Get Your Grab Bag of Wine!

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here There are only two days left in Water 2 Wine-DTC's "First ever...Grab Bag" promotion! 

So, how do you get a grab bag?!?  Just purchase one of the following before the close of business tomorrow, January 31: 1) A 2012 Charter Wine Club Membership (LAST CHANCE IN 2012); 2) Upgrade from Monthly Wine Club to Charter for 2012; or, 3) A batch of wine!

What’s in a grab bag?  Well… we can’t tell you exactly what’s in them, but it is nothing but wine…Great wine…Water 2 Wine-DTC wine, complete with some great recipes for cooking with the specific wine or making a great cocktail with the wine hiding inside!  You will always receive two different bottles of wine (no duplicates in any one bag!)  We promise each bag will have a great mix of two different wines and each bag will be unique!

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