VINtage Collection '22 Theme

VINtage Collection '22 Theme

As we continue into 2022, we are excited to debut our VINtage collection for the New Year!

When the annual Wine Club trip was postponed in 2020, we were unable to travel the world as we have become accustomed. However, in September and October of 2021 the Wine Club trip was “on,” and made stops in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey.  Tasting wines from all of these countries was an amazing experience, and those who joined us will never forget

Paying homage to our travels, during our 2020 Charter Party we traveled all “around the world” (inside the winery) to close out another amazing year!

Soaring into 2022 we found smooth air in an Aviation theme.  Not only are we continuing our travel and aviation theme into 2022, the winery is proud to have many connections within the aviation world. One of the owner’s spouses served in the military working in Air Force Intelligence, another owner’s wife was a commercial airline pilot.  Additionally, many of our Wine Club members are aviation enthusiasts and professionals and will, hopefully, appreciate the meanings behind the names of each wine.  Once all the details are released, if you want to know more about the names and their origins, feel free to ask an InVINtions’ team member!

We can’t tell you anything else yet as specific details are always given to Wine Club Members first.  However, we will share with you that Wine Club Members receive all the details at the 1st Quarter Wine Club Party in early March; reservations are open now!  We will also share that this year’s collection will feature 6 red and 3 white wines that will debut throughout the year.  Next month, look for a complete list of this year’s wines.  Beginning in April, we will showcase one wine each month on the blog! We cannot wait to share our incredible collection with you all!