Water 2 Wine-DTC Rings in the Harvest with a Wine Club Grape Stomp Celebration
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Water 2 Wine-DTC Rings in the Harvest with a Wine Club Grape Stomp Celebration

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Last week, Water 2 Wine-DTC hosted its annual Holiday Wine Club Party.  In true Water 2 Wine-DTC tradition, this party was just like others because the winery always themes its parties around the time of year, a holiday or a current event.  This one was no different.  This year, Wine Club Members were asked to roll up their pant cuffs and help celebrate the harvest season and coming holidays.  Nearly 80 of the almost 250 members attended this event to stomp vats of fresh grapes into juice, and to show off their best “ugly” Hallow-Thanks-Mas sweaters! The folks at Water 2 Wine-DTC were counting on nice weather for the event, and they got their wish.  It was a perfect 70-degree Colorado fall day with plenty of sun and warmth.  The Water 2 Wine-DTC team was prepared for possible inclement weather with wonderful tents and portable heaters so no one would get cold while stomping (after all the stomping was done outside, not in the winery!).  “We weren’t sure how folks would react to the evening’s theme, but it quickly became obvious that people just liked to squish the grapes, and it got quite raucous at times,” said Marcus Tipton, Owner of Water 2 Wine-DTC. As it turned out, the timing of the event was perfect.  Water 2 Wine-DTC’s Award Winning Winemaker, Michael Anderson, received notification the day before the event that his wine took a gold medal at the Denver International Wine Competition.  Michael is now tasked with taking the must from the Wine Club Members’ “stomp” and making it into a delicious wine.  Michael will create a Muscat and a traditional Burgundy from the must the Wine Club Members pummeled out of the grapes. In keeping with the theme of the evening, Water 2 Wine-DTC’s Sommeliers put three amazing seasonal chilies on the menu for the evening (Chicken & Hominy, Shredded Beef & Pumpkin & Zucchini).  Tasting Room Manager, Dede Schuringa, who is also a culinary sensation, worked her magic and put together an awesome meal for the members, complete with the various paired chilies and plenty of fixin’s!  The meal was topped off with alcohol infused cupcakes from Denver based Tipsy Cupcake.  Each cupcake was made with Water 2 Wine-DTC’s own award winning wines!  You could tickle your taste buds with yummy cupcake desserts made from either the Riesling ice wine, Orange Chocolate Port or Michael’s Award Winning Amarone Speciale. Once again, Water 2 Wine-DTC’s lighting partner, Lighting and Design by Scott, made the winery and the grape stomp festive with seasonal lights and decorations.  Additionally, the winery’s friends at Mulberries Flowers also stepped-up to decorate the winery with amazing and stunning seasonal arrangements.  “We are blessed with wonderful business partners who have a similar vision as ours, and we couldn’t make these events what they are without them,” said Marcus Tipton. To see the photos from this event, Click Here. If you're not part of Water 2 Wine-DTC’s Wine Club...you are missing out on loads of fun.  Now is the perfect time as it ‘tis the season of giving, so why not give a Wine Club Membership?  Your friends and family will love it! Every quarter Water 2 Wine-DTC hosts a completely complimentary party as a "Thank You" to the 250+ amazing Club Members!   The next Club Party will happen in the first quarter of 2013.  Stay tuned for dates and details! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below:http://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://makingwineindenver.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/preservative-free-wine-Water-2-Wine-DTC-Rings-in-Harvest-with-Wine-Club-Grape-Stomp-Celebration