What Are You Celebrating Today?
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What Are You Celebrating Today?

Here are three ways we’re encouraging you to celebrate more this year.


We are officially declaring that 2020 be the year of celebrations! We don’t just mean the normal BIG ones such as weddings, babies, graduations and anniversaries, either. InVINtions is championing the idea that we need to celebrate more often. Big wins or small accomplishments, milestones or breakthroughs, one of the best ways to engage in self-care is to develop the habit of celebrating often.


Here are three ways we’re encouraging you to celebrate more this year:


Quality Time


If you know anything about the 5 Love Languages, you know that quality time is one of them. There are people in your life that you don’t spend enough time with but would like to change that. Love on your people this year by taking time away from the hectic schedule to go out and celebrate with them! Whether it’s somewhere new or a familiar favorite spot, that quality time is precious and makes memories that will carry through your entire life.


We hope you’ll consider grabbing a table at our winery with your family and friends to celebrate each other and have a good time – enjoying wine and great company!


Celebrate Your Wins


Got a promotion? Finished that big project on time? Survived your family vacation? Whatever accomplishment – big or small – we believe it’s important to celebrate your wins. Our community of wine-loving people are all about celebrating! It’s simple to focus on what you haven’t finished yet but it’s way more impactful to celebrate each little win along the way instead.


Reaching Your Goals


Most of us set goals for this year. It can be easy to get off-track by not paying attention to milestones and progress made along the way. Whether you passed a difficult bump in the road on the way to hitting your goal, or managed to swing it out of the park and get it done – you should celebrate and reward yourself along the way. (May we suggest a class of your favorite wine…)


Spread the Word


So, this year we are launching the #CorksOut #StemsUp campaign and we would love for you to participate and share this with your family and friends. Anytime you come into our winery, take a photo or selfie of your group celebrating with us and use the hashtags #corksout #stemsup on your social media posts. Each time you use these hashtags on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be entered into our Anniversary Party contest (more details to follow soon!).


We love a get-together or party! We hope you’ll bring your crew and come celebrate your wins at our winery this year.