What is Essential Right Now?
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What is Essential Right Now?

You are...

April is upon us, and the entire InVINtions, A Creative Winery family pauses to reflect on the past couple of weeks.  It is during times like these that we all seek comfort and consistency amidst so much chaos.  We all strive to feel a community around us to help lift us up and support us; and friends, members, fans and family--so many wonderful people--you have shown up and been our community.

Thank you to the countless numbers of you who have given your time and money to help keep our locally owned and operated small business strong through these uncertain and strange times.  We are extremely blessed and grateful for each of your friendships and unrelenting support.

We are proud to tell you, that with your help, we have so far been able to retain the complete family of winery staff.  That's right, you have helped ensure that many Americans are not among the millions who are now unemployed.  In addition, we are hard at work every day to keep our shelves stocked so that your shelves can be stocked.

In the last couple of weeks, one thing has been very clear: we could not have come this far without you and your willingness to support us and our winery family during what will become a significant time in our history.  

We continue to be here for you and are open for carry-out and delivery service because of YOU.

Thank you for your continued love and support. We wake-up each morning during these times feeling blessed and ready to give each of you all the comfort, optimism, love and support we can.

Marcus & The Entire InVINtions' Winery Family