Wine Quote of the Day (An Homage to Our Award Winning Winemaker)
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Wine Quote of the Day (An Homage to Our Award Winning Winemaker)

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here Water 2 Wine-DTC is the only local custom winery with a professionally German trained, multiple award winning, winemaker in Michael Anderson.  The owners and co-workers at the winery consider themselves blessed everyday to have such an amazing professional wine making group with Michael and his team.  We are never reminded of this more than when the throngs of patrons come through the winery each week complaining of all the "bad wine" they have encountered around town.  But, truly, it's not the wine's fault... and we were all reminded of this at the last winemaker's exposition and workshop that Michael attended when the following quote was shared by a fellow professional winemaker: "There are no bad vintages, just bad winemakers." ~ Anne Parent Kudos to Michael and his team for not only not being the subject of this quote, but more importantly for being among the elite in the industry, and continuing to make Water 2 Wine-DTC's wine the best of the best! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below: ““ © 2013 Carriage House, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.