Wine Trivia About Bordeaux Wine Classifications
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Wine Trivia About Bordeaux Wine Classifications

Visit Us on the Web – Click Here In celebration of and reflection on our Wine Club trip to France this past April, we thought it was prime time for some relevant trivia of the region! In 1855, the Bordeaux classifications came in to being and certain Chateaus were classified as Premiers Crus.  How many Chateaus received that classification? Bonus points if you can name them! Stay tuned, we will post the answer tomorrow! You might ask, why did we choose today to celebrate the Wine Club trip to France?  Well, because we officially planned and set-up the next Wine Club trip, which will happen in the summer of 2017 and explore the wine regions along the Danube!  Interested?  Inquire with one of the Managers at the winery! Share this Post on Facebook by Clicking Below:“ © 2016 Carriage House, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.