You Asked, We Listened...
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You Asked, We Listened...

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Beginning August 27, Water 2 Wine-DTC will host an elite and very small Wine 101 Class once a month.  Discover the inner processing and magic behind your favorite glass of wine during this insightful and delightful two-hour wine class with our resident wine experts!  Wine choices in a store or at a restaurant can be intimidating, and this class is designed to take the mystery out of the age-old question: “Will I like this wine?”  In this class, you and a guest will each discover your personal wine style through a series of tastings designed to help you understand your personal palate and learn to recognize distinct flavor profiles.  This fun and unintimidating class is designed for anyone interested in wine, whether you are new to wine, or the most seasoned wine drinker looking to expand your knowledge. Afterwards, you won’t be stuck with the same boring old, comfortable, wines. You will be able to make better, bolder, choices about choosing wine because you will have your very own wine style! Also included in this class are tips and tricks of the trade.  We will reveal such tricks as how not to get ripped off with the restaurant wine list, how to buy great wine by just reading the fine print on the bottle, how to spend less money to get better quality wine, and more… Space in each class is extremely limited, so CLICK HERE NOW FOR MORE INFO!
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