A Unique Cooking & Wine Pairing Experience
Event date: 4/19/2020 2:00 PM Export event

A Unique Cooking & Wine Pairing Experience

Live from Vicenza, Italy with Chef Lucas!

Many of the InVINtions, A Creative Winery family LOVE to cook, and we especially love to cook with wine!  The time we spend together, cooking, eating and talking is so precious and so much fun.

Right now, it can be difficult to keep things fresh and interesting for you and your family, so we’re here to help!  Maybe you have run out of menu ideas?  Maybe there are key ingredients you can’t find at the store?  Maybe you just don’t want to venture out to the store?  Well, whichever of these statements hits home for you, we’ve got you covered.

We are thrilled to partner with Chef Lucas in Vincenza, Italy, to host a live Italian cooking class, paired with several of the best of the InVINtions’ Italian collection of wines!

That’s right, you’ll get to interactively cook with Chef Lucas, who will be coming to us live from his kitchen in Italy, while enjoying some of the best InVINtions’ wines!  This meal is easy and delicious, and includes a vegetarian appetizer along with a chicken and prosciutto main dish.  You will cook it at home right alongside Chef Lucas!

Thanks to one of our AMAZING Wine Club Members, and her hard work with a local food distribution company, each InVINtions con Italia package will include all the food and wine you need to easily feed a family of 4 (and you’ll likely have some leftovers)!

So, what do you need to participate in this wonderfully unique experience?  It’s simple, you need about 60-90 minutes to join us on-line, an internet connection and one of the two packages described below—that’s it:

The Inizio Package ($85 for pick-up, or $95 with delivery) –

One Bottle of Due Dal Vento
One Bottle of Brunello
All the pre-portioned ingredients needed for the meal!

The Tutta la Notte Package ($165, with delivery) –

Everything included in the Inizio Package, plus 4 additional bottles of wine:

Tuscan Trio
La Bella Vita
Milessimee Rubi

Why would I want the Tutta la Notte instead of the Inizio package?  Well, the simple answer is that 2 bottles of wine just won’t be enough on a Sunday afternoon (especially when you use part of one in the recipes).  Also, you get 4 additional bottles of wine at a great discount, enjoy free delivery and additional access to incredible ideas for GREAT pairings courtesy of our Head Winemaker Marcus and Chef Lucas!

Call the winery for more information and to secure your package--303-799-9463

Are you outside of our delivery zone and not close enough to come pick-up your package?  We can ship it to you!  We are not able to ship the ingredients for the menu, so please call us for adjusted pricing and we’ll also provide you with a grocery list so you can get your own ingredients to join the fun!

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