Wine & Crafts (Sound Healing & Chakra Experience)
Event date: 8/27/2022 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM Export event

Wine & Crafts (Sound Healing & Chakra Experience)

Sound Healing & Chakra Experience

Wine & Crafts at InVINtions (Sound Healing & Chakra Experience)

Join us for our next Wine & Crafts event at the winery!  This class is a little different because this is not just a class, it is an EXPERIENCE!

During this experience, you will receive the healing vibrations of Sound and Reiki, together.  In addition, you will also make a gemstone bracelet that brings together your experience with Sound and Reiki that you can carry with you, always.

Bathe in the beautiful, healing, sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls with Holistic Trauma Coach, Rj Tarantino Juhola, while simultaneously being shrouded in Reiki Light from our Reiki Masters Cory, Shannon and Rj.     

Therapies, like Sound and Reiki, work by the laws of Quantum Physics. These modalities have the capability of moving low vibrational emotions (trauma, negativity, grief, anger, etc) while transforming these low vibrations into HIGH VIBRATIONS like joy, peace, healing, etc.

Join us to harness the best of the Sound Healing and Reiki while capturing it all in a gemstone bracelet.  Gemstone Masters, Jamie and Stephanie, will guide each of us through caputring the calming, centering, and balancing benefits of unique genstone bracelts.

Since this craft class encompasses two different experiences, it is $49.95 and includes skilled instruction from our Sound Healing, Reiki and Gemstone Masters.  Our Craft Guru, Tameka, will also be present.  You will also have the option for two glasses of wine/cider while you work.

This class begins at 10 a.m(please note the time change), and will last between 2-3 hours depending on your personal experience, the project and your skill level.

**Due to the need for securing supplies, especially gemstones, this class is EXTREMELY LIMITED!  RSVP now!

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