Classico Wine Club | InVINtions, A Creative Winery

Classico Wine Club


  • Two Bottles of Wine
    (Always One Bottle of Red & One Bottle of White; always at least a $35 value)**
  • Member Gets One Complimentary Glass of Wine Each Month
    (Up to a $10 Value Each Month-Benefit Does Not Accrue)
  • Member Gets One Complimentary Two Hour Tasting Each Month
    (A $20 Value Each Month-Benefit Does Not Accrue)
    (Only valid in two hour increments)
  • Exculsive Access to Wine Club Barrel Room
  • 10% Discount on all Bottles and Batches***
    (50% Discount on Batch Aging Fee-$20 Value)
    (50% Discount on Batch Bottling Fee-$17.50 Value)
    (50% Discount on Label Design Services-up to a $50 Value)
  • 15% Discount on Mixed 6-Pack of Wine***
    20% Discount on Mixed Cases of Wine***
  • $5-off Signature InVINtions’ Wine Glasses***
  • Discount on Private Party Rental Fee of the Barrel Room***
    (An $75 Value Each Month-Benefit Does Not Accrue)
    (Value may be applied to larger rental fee)
  • Half-off the $75 Non-Private Party Fee***
  • “Member Only” Offers Throughout Year
  • Quarterly Wine Club Only Parties
    (Subject to a $10 per person reservation fee)



*All listed Prices/Values exclude sales tax.  **Depending on supply we may substitute a wine of equal/higher value.  ***Cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon, or discount.  Customer is responsible for picking up wine.  No more than 3 months of wine may be picked-up at one time.  If more than three months are missed without notice, those months are forfeited.  Customer may cancel Wine Club membership at anytime.